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Submission + - IBM forecasts next big technologies (

coondoggie writes: "IBM today issued its sixth annual look at what Big Blue thinks will be the five biggest technologies for the next five years. In past prediction packages the company has had some success in predicting the future with telemedicine and nanotechnology. This year IBM thinks very soon people will never need passwords; mind reading will happen; the so-called digital divide will cease to exist and junk mail will become important."

Submission + - Apple patents using apps during calls ( 1

Your Rights Online

Submission + - Testimony in WikiLeaks Trial (

ExE122 writes: A US Army Investigator presented testimony incriminating Private Bradley Manning as the source of information for WikiLeaks. Evidence includes documents found on Bradley's computer and several emails in which Bradley is boasting about his role in the information leak. There are also several emails tying Bradley to Julian Assange, the founder of the WikiLeaks website. His defense is trying several tactics, challenging that there is little evidence that Bradley shared the information in his posession.

Submission + - Speeding up the internet by bouncing data off the (

MrSeb writes: "Hinting at what high-tech homes of the future might look like, researchers from Intel and University of California, Santa Barbara have started bouncing 60GHz wireless signals off the ceilings of data centers to improve bandwidth between servers, and thus improving the performance of the internet at peak times. It's incredibly expensive (and tricky) to lay more cables between racks in data centers, but relatively cheap and easy to bounce data off a polished metal ceiling between servers. The researchers simulated a 160-rack data center with this 60GHz wireless overflow system, and increased total throughput by 4Tbps, or 500GB/sec — which should be more than enough for servers to survive a peak-time Slashdotting... for now!"

Submission + - Living PC free

rodrigoandrade writes: I just had enough of fixing my own PC problems. I grew up using PCs and messing with

hardware/software, configuration, tweaking, upgrading, etc., but this is 2011 and I'm not

getting any younger here. These things should work like any home appliance by now, but

they aren't. So I was thinking maybe the problem is with me. Maybe the industry already

moved to something else (tablets?) and I haven't noticed.

My home use of PCs is fairly basic. I play gams, watch movies, browse the web, and do some

very light office work (nothing MS Office can't handle). Geek factor aside, there isn't

much that my PC does that can't be done on another device. And yes, it's a fairly decent

gaming PC (C2Q, HD5850, etc.)

I don't buy into this perpetual upgrade cycle some PC guys love. I only buy new parts when

old parts breaks, but then I'll buy the best parts I can afford. What I feel I no longer

have (or I'm quickly losing) is the TIME and WILL to do these upgrades, then

troubleshooting, etc. I work all day and when I come home exhausted the LAST thing I want

to do is dick around with the PC just to get a gamer running. I'll just wait untill

Saturday to fix it.

So I decided to free myself from this dreaded PC legacy, and wanted to see how /. readers

would go about it. I know it's impossible to actually live PC-less, so any combination is

welcome as long as it keeps the PC relegated to the backstage (file/print server, torrent

box, streaming content, etc.). My reasoning is that a PC that's used less frequently has

fewer problems. Also, if the PC breaks down, I'm not at a complete loss.

Submission + - Undersea neutrino observatory to be second-largest (

cylonlover writes: An audacious project to construct a vast infrastructure housing a neutrino observatory at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea is being undertaken by a consortium of 40 institutes and universities from ten European countries. The consortium claims that KM3NeT, as it is known, will "open a new window on the Universe," as its "several" cubic kilometer observatory detects high-energy neutrinos from violent sources in outer space such as gamma-ray bursts, colliding stars and supernovae. On the scale of human constructions, it will be second only to the Great Wall of China.

Submission + - Manning Court Case: Tech Forensics Take Center Sta (

smitty777 writes: Wired has been reporting all day on the prosecutions technological evidence against Bradley Manning. The first is on the technology and techniques used by Manning. In the second, the examiners admit they didn't find any matching cables on Manning's computer. And finally, evidence that Manning chatted directly with Assange himself.

Submission + - Razor-Qt: A New Qt-Based Desktop Environment? (

aglider writes: Phoronix has an interesting piece of news about a new emerging desktop environment. And it's Qt based!
From the project home page:

Razor-qt is an advanced, easy-to-use, and fast desktop environment based on Qt technologies. It has been tailored for users who value simplicity, speed, and an intuitive interface. Unlike most desktop environments, Razor-Qt also works fine with weak machines.

Someone has already tagged Razor-Qt as

a KDE ripoff

What we have so far is version 0.4 as announced on a blog and, very important, a number of easy ways to install and test it on a few main Linux distributions. Maybe time has come for something really new in the desktop environment arena almost completely occupied by GNOME and KDE.

Comment Re:Not a problem (Score 1) 4

From memory.. Orson Scott Card covered this in the Homecoming series.. where a city was 'conquered' and the hopes and dreams contained in the city were spread to the rest of the world.

If they don't destroy this dangerous concept of rebellion quickly and correctly.. it could well spread.. something the PRC don't want to have to deal with

Comment System Abuse and Casual Feedback (Score 1) 2

This just opens up the system for abuse... and feedback.

Users could pretend to be angry to get a higher priority in the queue or to try and jump the queue.

Also, if the system records responses and tries to rate and categorise them it could be possible to play the responses back selectively for a human to determine what is and is not anger.

This is much the reason why I currently snarl into stupid voice menu systems.. "Do you have a client id number"? "NO!!!!!!!" "Please say your user name" "GRRRRRRRR".

Although, I have yet to have anyone ring me back about any of this...

Comment Voxatron and Jasper's Journeys were great (Score 1) 159

I quite liked Voxatron and Jasper's Journeys from the last bundle. For these two games it was worth it.

The only downside to both of these, in my humble opinion, is the game length. Would have liked more levels. Hoping that these games are extended in the future.

I could easily go for Jasper's Journeys 2

Could be I'm addicted to Mario clones :-)

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