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Comment Re:Guild Wars 2 (Score 1) 951

I run both those on wine. They used to work pretty well, then something caused any map bigger than 20x20 to eventually lock the game up. I say "something" because this was after a system refresh (new hardware and new OS) so it could have been anything including a wine regression.

I like starting with the UEF (love the level 3 transport and level 3 point defense) and trying to capture enemy engineers to build some of the other factions experimental weapons.

Comment Re: Happy owner of an Elantra 2013 (Score 1) 238

I own a 2011 Elantra. I have recorded mileage at every fill-up since I bought the car in May of 2011. With my mostly interstate travel (70 mph) and light stop and go traffic, I get a combined fuel efficiency of 32.1 mpg. This is exactly the EPA estimate for combined mileage. My best fill-up was 36 mpg. My lowest was around 29 mpg.

I couldn't agree more about the all around feel of the Elantra. Solid and fun to drive.

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