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Comment Re:These terms should be considered unconscionable (Score 1) 147

Except the Company gets to decide who does the arbitration. And since the Company deals with them far more often than any individual does the company has the advantage.
It's like pro wrestling. You could be the better wrestler but if I get to pick the ref I will win.

Comment Who is Susan McLean? (Score 1) 254

What is know about this person, Susan McLean?
I think if we are going to hear her side of this we should know about the person who is asking that our freedom of speech be limited or taken away.
She is a FORMER police officer.
Why former? why did she leave the force? Did she quit on her own or was she forced out?
What is her record?
Does she have a record of violating people rights?
Does she stand to gain financially from this?
Is she connected to people who stand to gain financially from this?
What do the people who know her think of her? Do they think she's a good decent person or just a Nazi under a different mask?
Is she married? (I ask only to see if someone was/is willing to put up with her or is she so bat-shit crazy no one wants to be around her if they don't have to be)
Does she have any personal reasons for her stance? Was a friend or loved one harmed and then someone said something cruel about it online? (If you want to see how that can change a person there is no better example than Nancy Grace. Just typing that name makes me want to puke)
Someone should start a webpage of information about people like this that want to take away our freedoms so we all know what kind of people we are dealing with.

Comment Re:No (Score 2) 254

After reading your post I went out to do the dishes and this gave me time to think.
You are using rape victims (without their permission I might add) as a symbol to champion your cause against free speech.
That is almost the very definition of ASSHOLE.
Hey I called you an ASSHOLE. Does that make me as bad as a rapist?
First off the right to say what you want is a RIGHT. I have every right to say what I want about anything. I don't have the right to force you to listen to it ot to agree with it. That would violate your right to freedom of speech.
Rape is not about the right to fuck whomever you choose. Rape is not about sex in the first place. Its about control and force and violence.
And yes speech can have consequences. But guess what, there are already laws covering those. And they are VERY limited so as not to trample on ones RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH.
Saying what you said about this being equivalent to rape is not only wrong, its stupid. It's cruel to victims of real rape. And it's an underhanded play to get people to agree with you.
Kind of like the ASSHOLES in Canada who claimed if you were not with them in their quest to limit rights online then you were for child-porn.

Comment Re:end of slashdot (Score 1) 254

I find your post offensive and threatening. What about political speech? What if I write that Mittens is a a-hole? As you said there is no grey area so ....
Is mittens an A-hole or was this a lie? Some would say Mittens is an A-Hole. Some would say that's a lie.
So should I feel like jail time is a serious threat to me now that I have said that Mittens is an A-Hole?
What if I write that religions are all bullshit. No one can prove that their religion is actually the one true religion yet everyone acts as though their religion is the one true religion. And that their religion and their religion alone is true.
Plus most religious people act, if not outright say they speak to God directly therefor their religion is the word of God and should have the weight of law.
What if you mock their religion?
What if their religion says porn is evil and a sin, would watching porn be mocking their God and their religion?
What if I just disagree with a religion?
My opinion is that you are a troll.
My opinion is that you do not understand the concept of FREE SPEECH.
My opinion is that this will be used to punish people who disagree with other people.
My opinion is this law and the people that support it are cyber-bullies and should go to jail.
If you are easily offended by things that are said on the internet STAY THE FUCK OFF THE INTERNET.

Comment Stop Double Taxing us on Sodas. (Score 2) 642

If they really wanted to make people stop drinking large amounts of sugary drinks they could do so very easily.
And they could do it by LOWERING YOUR TAXES.
Yes by lowering your taxes. here's why.
Every year the US Government taxes it's citizens and then takes that money and does things with it. Most people know about this. What most people don't know is what that money is spent on.
Some of that money is spent on subsidies for farmers. This allows the farmer to sell his products at a lower cost to the consumer.
In 15 years, corn farmers raked in $77.1 billion in subsidies. 77 Billion with a B.

This is why corn sweeteners are so cheap. And why soda makers use it to sweeten your sodas.
Now law makers want to tax sodas under the guise of the "LOOMING HEALTH CRISES".
So just to recap.
The Government taxes you.
Part of that money goes to making sodas cheaper.
You buy sodas.
The Government taxes you again.
And its not just soda. The Government does the same thing with tobacco. Your tax money is being given to cigarette makers. And then your taxed again for buying them.
Here is an idea. That money that the Government taxes us to subsidize corn.
What would happen? The price of corn would go up to where it should be in the first place. Everything that is cheaper due to the artificially low prices of corn sweeteners would rise. Thus the cost of soda would go up and less sodas would be bought. All the while saving everyone money.

Comment Long Live Democracy....FUCK CORPORATE CAPITALISM (Score 0) 234

Dear World.
As a US citizen I would like to ask a favor of you.
This experiment know as Democracy has pretty much failed here. Save yourselves, don't let it spread to you.
Most citizens of the USA don't give a crap about how their Government works. Most don't even have a clue who their elected Representative are.
If you are waiting for some kind of awakening or uprising here in the USA, Don't hold your breath.
To the tech companies of the USA. MOVE OUT, GO AWAY. Relocate to a country that actually gives a rats ass about things like freedom of speech.
If you cant find a country, create one.
I dont think that the average American can change their ways enough to make a difference, but I could be wrong.
In the off chance that I am wrong perhaps you could set up a week of NO INTERNET. Group together with as many companies as you can muster and shut down everything for 1 week. Just for the USA. Also dont just do it. Let everyone know in advance. Post it everywhere to let people know why your doing it.
If that doesnt help.....MOVE OUT OF THE USA.....just let me know where your going to move to....Ill need a job when I move there as well.

Comment I like Windows (Score 1) 1880

Windows OS
I like Windows. It does what I need it to do and I don't need some IT degree to get it to work.
I put the install disk into my drive and run it. DONE. I don't have to worry about drivers and kernels and whatever.
I have never had a problem with Windows Plug and Play, it just works. Its a great modern OS.

Windows Support.
Only needed it 3 times.
1. Once was actually Microsoft support for a MS Mouse I bought. The wire had become frayed inside where the wire enters the mouse (this was years ago)
I talked to someone on the phone for 15 to 20 mins and the next thing I knew I had a brand new mouse in my mailbox (it took 3 days if I recall)
2. The second was when I had a problem with getting locked out of Hotmail. That took a little longer but was fairly painless and the problem was fixed.
3. The third time I needed support was with my current Dell system (Yeah I know...Oh hell I'm stuck with a Dell) I had to do a complete reinstall of Windows but I did not have the reformat CD/DVDs. I had called Dell just after getting the system and told them that there was no reformat DVDs. They said they would send them out right away. I waited and waited and waited. Finally I got sick of waiting (a few months, yeah I'm uber patient, sue me) and called Dell back. That is when they told me they were no longer including reformat disks with new systems. They claimed the change was something Microsoft was forcing on them. I asked if they would be sending me the reformat DVD that I was promised and they claimed they didn't even have them anymore. I called Microsoft to see if they could help. They said it was on Dell... (the old 'its not us call them' back and forth game) BUT this time it was different. A Senior Rep from Microsoft got onto a 3 way call with me to Dell. Oddly enough the rep from Dell didn't try to blame Microsoft for the new No Reformat Disk policy this time, and lo and behold it seems they did have some old Reformat DVDs laying around. So I finally got the reformat disks. A BIG Thanks to Jethro at Microsoft, you did a great Job.

Windows OS Programs
There are LOTS of programs for windows. Some are freeware some are trial-ware. IF I need to do something there is usually a program that does it.
The programs work well and look good doing it. Most of them you just install and your done.

I have only tried OS X out at an Apple store. But it seems to be a great OS as well. My friends who use it say it runs as smooth as silk. Installing and upgrading are as easy as falling out of bed (and less painful) Plus the OS itself is really inexpensive.
Drivers are not a problem for OS X unless you want to build a Hackentosh.
CONS- Will only run on an Apple built PC, which are mega expensive (there is the Mac Mini which is much more affordable, I am planning on buying one to dip my feet into the Apple Kool-aid)
It has a great Ecosystem.

Apple Support.
I have called Apple several times looking into buying some hardware from them. (Mac Mini and the new iPod Touch and maybe an Apple TV) The people I talked to seem to know what they were talking about and seemed very cheerful and nice. Almost to I had traveled back to the 60's....I loved talking to the Apple employees those times.
The only other time I've had to call Apple support was when, for some reason I was charged again trying to download an App from the iTunes store I previously paid for. It took hours. I had to talk to someone from some other country who I could barely understand (and didn't seem all that interested in helping me solve the problem) and when I finally got a hold of a manager as he was getting ready to take care of the problem, we were disconnected. Finally I talked to another manager and we came up with a solution. But it took forever. However I should point out I was calling about an iTunes problem and the phone support is not for iTunes. iTunes support is technically to be done online only through Email. Personally I think that considering iTunes is the face of Apple to a lot of its customers, that this is a huge mistake.
All in all I would say Apple support seems to be great. I plan on getting the Apple care for my new iPod touch 4g when I get it. its supposedly give you free repairs (parts and service) for 2 years. Seems a little to good to be true. I'm wondering what the catch is.

OS X Programs.
There seems to be quite a few programs for OS X, though not nearly as many as for Windows. But the OS X programs seem to be more polished and user friendly than their Windows counter parts.
Then there are the Apps in the iTunes Apps Store. These run the gambit from Great, Professional, Useful programs to the downright stupid and worse than worthless.

Where do I begin?
Linux Lovers love to claim that its the best OS out there. Its Powerful, Easy to use, and free.
I just got done trying Ubuntu out for a few days. Its no longer on my hard drive.
I have to admit that it is getting better. The last time I tried it I couldn't even get it to see my DVD drive (The same one I used to install it)
This time at least it could see all of my drives.
The user interface seemed clunky and nowhere near as good as Windows 7, and not even a dream of a chance as being as polished as OS X.

Linux Support.......
Does Linux even have any official support?
I had a problem with an old laptop a year or so ago, so I went to a repair should to get it fixed. The tech working there tried to get me to install Linux on it instead of Windows. I would have had no problem if he had just asked once or twice and left it at that, but he kept pushing it and pushing it, and the more I said no the more ticked off he would get. He got down right hostel about it. He said that people who use windows are just plain stupid or just too lazy to learn a different OS.
Excuse me BUT FUCK YOU. Its my computer I will run whatever OS I want to run on it. And here is a hint to you Linux fan boys out there. If you want to say how great your OS is, FINE do so, but do so without having to put down other peoples choices in OSs.
If this is the Linux support I can look forward to then Thanks, but No Thanks.

Linux Programs.
WOW. I installed a few. Most looked like they should be running on an old Sega system or something. The ones that actually looked pretty decent also looked like blatant rip offs of stuff from other OSes.

Personally I hope that Linux makes some major breakthroughs and becomes an OS that compares with Windows and OS X, but at this point it just isn't there yet.
(Oh yeah another hint for Linux, and I think a lot of people would agree... If I hear "This is the Year of Linux on the Desktop" one more time I'm going to be sick.
Wait until you actually have a polished OS before making that statement again)

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