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Submission + - IE Users are Better at Updating Than Firefox Users

Jimmy T writes: New numbers from Secunia's Software Inspector tells an interesting story. The numbers, based on more than 400,000 application inspections, shows a somewhat different picture than what is commonly believed; More than 35% of all Firefox installations are missing critical security updates, while the same goes for only 4% of Internet Explorer users.

Submission + - Employee Self Evaluation Time

i8msft writes: With the holiday's rapidly approaching every pointed haired boss naturally thinks of employee appraisal. At my place it's "Employee Development and Performance Evaluation Process" time. Too lazy to actually figure out and document what it is we do, we, the hapless employees, have to do it! And naturally, since we're in Word telling them what it is we do round here anyway, why not tell them how well we are doing it.

Any Slashdotters with useful advice and recommendations on suitably uplifting, career enhancing, bonus inducing phrases or language? I need something more uplifting than a piece of paper with letters glued to it saying, "we've got your data", but of a similar persuasive quality.

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Submission + - Babies being killed for stem cells in Ukraine

kuriharu writes: According to this article published by the BBC, babies in the Ukraine may have been taken and killed for stem-cell research. After reading the article, it kind of makes those who oppose embryonic stem-cell research look a lot less barbaric. What's also interesting is that they acknowledge that embryonic stem-cell research claims are unproven, a first from a major media source.

Submission + - Ms. Dewey: Microsoft's Attempt at Viral Marketing

Broadwave writes: "In an effort to gain popularity over google, Microsoft has unveiled a "personality" for its live search engine. The character Ms. Dewey is a fully animated search assistant who audibly comments on searched keywords and makes random actions when idle. While not actively marketing the site, it would appear Microsoft is attempting to create a viral marketing pattern to encourage internet users to use their search engine and gain market share. Imagine a more abrasive Microsoft Bob, only for the web. Janina Gavankar plays the role of Ms. Dewey, which upon using the interface to search for her name, responds with gloating comments. In an interview with Janina, she indicated that since the site has come online, traffic to her own site has gone up exponentially. However, to track these statistics on her own site, she uses google."

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