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Submission + - Vista-joke

Meowth writes: "Being quite anti-M$ and a Debian adept, my wife decided to create a Vista-spoof. Have a look if you like. If not: I'm not offended. You can find it here: http://www.teamrocket.org/ She made it on the fly, but if you'd like it, she can make one suited to be used as wallpaper. Cheers! Meowth (meowth@teamrocket.org)"
The Internet

Submission + - Latest stink has Wikipedia looking to change rules

coondoggie writes: "Another stink for the Wikipedia folks has resulted in one of the company's founders' calling for renewed requirements for trust on the ever-popular site. This action comes from last week's firing of one of the sites most prolific editors who wasn't who he said he was. On his chat site today Wikipedia cofounder Jimmy Wales proposed some changes: "Nowadays, I bring back the proposal for further consideration in light of the EssJay scandal. I think it imperative that we make some positive moves here... we have a real opportunity here to move the quality of Wikipedia forward by doing something that many have vaguely thought to be a reasonably good idea if worked out carefully. For anyone who is reading but not online, I will sum it up. I made a proposal that we have a system whereby people who are willing to verify their real name and credentials are allowed a special notification. "Verified Credentials". http://www.networkworld.com/community/?q=node/1208 3"
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - AXIGEN Becomes Sun Associate Partner

AXIGEN Team writes: "AXIGEN is proud to announce a new technological partnership with one of the world's leading network hardware and software solutions manufacturer, Sun Microsystems, Inc, thus becoming an Associate Partner in the Sun Partner Advantage Program for Independent Software Vendors.
The commercial version of AXIGEN Mail Server for Solaris i386 was launched on August 15, 2006 and has since reached version 2.0.4, while the 3.0 beta release is currently available for public testing."
User Journal

Journal SPAM: Two Defects On Love

When I was 38, I had had a 43 year old girlfriend. One night she told me candidly, honestly, and contemplatively that her defect is she can't love someone. I usually love someone when I'm in love with the one. I can't love others while I was in love. Therefore I am suffered from the lack of love, if she's away or she's about to say good-by. If I don't love anyone, I wouldn't be suffered from anything at all. I love someone. For me it's my defect.
The Internet

Submission + - Budget airline fails to recognise e-booking bug

An anonymous reader writes: Last October I booked a flight for a date in November using a popular european budget airline who charges a high per-minute fee for telephone bookings to encourage online ticketing. Several days later I decided to delay my flight for until December. In their online system I made what I thought was a change in date, for exactly a month later (the same weekday and time) and was charged a change fee. When I arrived at the airport in December I was told that my flight had left one month ago. It seems my browser (Firefox on OSX) didn't change the requested date, although the airline proceeded to tell me my date was successfully changed and charged my credit card for the change fee, even though I had cancelled and rebooked the exact same flight. I contacted customer service to request a refund of both the change fee and for the second flight I had to pay for to actually get to my destination. Not being able to resolve this over their phone system (while being charged per-minute for it) I evenutally received a 'regrettably we cannot refund' email as they consider this user error. While I admit that I did not look at the new date (instead of November 17th it should have said December 19th), my argument to the airline is that this is an extremely simple programming error which should have been picked up and if I had booked this flight while talking to a live person this never would have happened. I don't expect to see a refund of either my change fee (which should never have been charged considering there was no change) however I am concerned this could affect other users. I am fortunate that I had reserve funds when I arrived at the airport so I could book a seat on the flight I wanted, plus I was lucky the flight was not fully booked. Should the airline own up to this as their mistake and fix the online ticketing system, or should I consider this user error?
User Journal

Journal SPAM: The Essence Of Religion

We rely on God when we found no way out. If we can find a way out, we rely on ourselves. But because we can't find a way out, we rely on God. It doesn't matter whether God will give us a solution. God might give us a solution or might not give us a solution. We rely on God. -That is a solution.

Submission + - Cult Of The Dead Cow Announce Support For B&W

An anonymous reader writes: The worlds "most influential hacking group" CULT OF THE DEAD COW have announced their support for London's forthcoming security conference The Black And White Ball. Fom the press release: "Whitedust.net has announced The Black and White Ball's keynote speakers, including our very own Oxblood Ruffin. Also note that CULT OF THE DEAD COW/cDc communications is a supporter of the event (not a sponsor because we're leaving that to all of the big money hustlas out there)."

Submission + - Hide secret messages in images on the internet

Andrew Lee writes: "This program lets you hide arbitrary text messages inside image files. It is different than other stego tools in that it encodes the message by making visible changes to the image, rather than encoding the message in non-visible parts of an image file's data. In theory you can even print out the image and scan it back in to retrieve the secret message.


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