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Comment Re:Double Standard (Score 1) 443

The other catch is that the public defender will be payed less -- usually dramatically less -- to defend you than the prosecutor is paid to persecute you. In Virginia, the state pays public defenders $120 to represent you for a class 1 misdemeanor, which carry up to five years of jail time.

At the standard legal rate around here, that means you get half an hour of representation, if you're lucky.

Comment Re:at the most they can shed light.. (Score 1) 252

Hitler engaged in a decades long persecution of Jews, and the purpose of the concentration camps was to provide a "final solution" by exterminating them. Over 7 million were killed.

Roosevelt allowed the internment of Japanese Americans after the US was sneak-attacked by their home country without provocation. He and his military commanders felt that Japanese Americans with easy access to the cost might assist the Japanese government with an invasion, so they moved them away from the coast. The

I'm not denying that racism played a role in making the US Government regard Japanese with suspicion (while not so regarding German Americans, for example.) I AM saying that there is no evidence that there was ever any intent to kill Japanese Americans en masse. I am not defending the internment, I AM saying that it wasn't genocidal.

Comment Re:at the most they can shed light.. (Score 2) 252

While I'm, no big fan of the US government, do bear in mind that there's a huge difference between "concentration camps" as Japanese detainment: with rare exceptions the victims survived. Moreover, most detainees were treated reasonably (but not very) well, so long as they kept the rules. I don't think the comparison is helpful. These were two very different things.

Comment I did this` (Score 1) 264

I had an Intel Q6600 system (quad 2.4Ghz cores), and it wasn't able to keep up with some new updates in games my son wanted to pay. Bought a new GPU, and now I can play what he wanted to play (WoW) at maximum settings, no problem. Your mileage may vary, but it worked for me.

Comment Re:Here it comes... (Score 2) 540

One godhead, three "faces". As originally construed, Jewish monotheism was never intended to analyze the internal character of God, but to say that you should not worship any God other than YHWH. Interesting thing is that, for a very long time, nobody had a really terrible time with the trinity. It's based on a Platonic philosophical view, and doesn't make sense if you're not a Platonist.

Comment Re:Here it comes... (Score 1) 540

Moreover, Mountain Meadows was not so much driven by a matter of doctrine or religion as by the perception that the Federal government was going to run them off their land (as indeed the government of Illionois did in Nauvoo 50 years before.) On a whole, the Mormans have been much less the persecutors than the persecuted.

BTW, I too am not a Mormon. Just an interested observer.

Comment Whatever happened to renewals? (Score 1) 309

I wouldn't have a problem with these long terms if there was a requirement to renew every 10 years or so. What pisses me off is the works that no longer have commercial value, you can't even find the "owners" without spending many thousands, and yet still I'm a felon if I copy them. That makes no sense. Set a 10 year renewal with a modest fee,

Comment Re:ISO? We don't trust them any more. (Score 1) 165

Operator overloading is not "discouraged" in Python. Rather, you're encouraged to use it to make your objects "Pythonic" (i.e. support a similar range of features to a built-in python object) and to make sure the semantics are basically the same. Eliminating operator overloading from languages entirely is one of the things that makes Java suck so much and so frickin' verbose, in my opinion.

Comment Re:Kudos (Score 5, Informative) 1061

Westboro Baptist Church has nothing to do with Jesus, "zombie" or otherwise. You do realize that there is no Christian body of any size, anywhere, that supports them? That they are a standalone congregation of about 40 people, most of whom are related to Phelps, who make their living by stirring up controversy and suing for their civil right to do so?

Don't even consider them Chrsitians. It's a business scheme.

Comment Re:Kudos (Score 1) 1061

Evidently, the law has nothing to do with "common decency." But it should. If they would enforce laws designed to keep society functional, we'd have a much nicer place to live and far fewer school shootings in the first place.

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