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Comment Re:How does... (Score 1) 10

Ron Paul is an old retard who was too stupid to practice medicine. He doesn't even have the sense to buy decent shoes.

But seriously, I just got told by another libertaritard that Ron Paul was NOT a Republican. Now you say he is. How about you eat a cock, and come back to me when you figure out what kind of asshole Ron Paul is? Fuck, no wonder that guy doesn't win shit except for his shitty seat in ignorant-as-fuck Texas.

Comment Jacking off (Score 1) 12

I came here for the tech and Natalie Portman naked and petrified MEEPT!

I stayed for the fascists.

Typically I am one to overstay a welcome. I think I've overstayed the FUCK out of this one.

Comment Floppies sucked (Score 1) 3

Yes, we know. Glad they are gone.

The thing that sucks the most right now? It would probably have to be DVD recorders. Most pointless shitty technology ever devised. Too small for backups, too slow to be useful. I hate them now, in 10 years I will hate them even more. The last thing I need in my house is a thousand recorded DVD disks.


Journal Journal: Michelle Bachman's naked ass 7

I found this and immediately thought everyone here would enjoy this. It's a shot of Michelle Bachman's naked ass taken apparently with her knowledge.

Comment Other tweets the Pope made (Score 2, Funny) 3

He made other tweets to let people know that condoms cause AIDS, every sperm is sacred, he hasn't been an actual Nazi in quite a number of years, and that Jesus hates homosexuals.

Then he apparently confused his work account with his private one and tweeted a picture of his cock to an alter boy. Everyone saw it. Many of them jacked off to the picture of the holy nun-raping tool.

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