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Comment Floppies sucked (Score 1) 3

Yes, we know. Glad they are gone.

The thing that sucks the most right now? It would probably have to be DVD recorders. Most pointless shitty technology ever devised. Too small for backups, too slow to be useful. I hate them now, in 10 years I will hate them even more. The last thing I need in my house is a thousand recorded DVD disks.


Journal Journal: Michelle Bachman's naked ass 7

I found this and immediately thought everyone here would enjoy this. It's a shot of Michelle Bachman's naked ass taken apparently with her knowledge.

Comment Other tweets the Pope made (Score 2, Funny) 3

He made other tweets to let people know that condoms cause AIDS, every sperm is sacred, he hasn't been an actual Nazi in quite a number of years, and that Jesus hates homosexuals.

Then he apparently confused his work account with his private one and tweeted a picture of his cock to an alter boy. Everyone saw it. Many of them jacked off to the picture of the holy nun-raping tool.

Comment Re:About. Fucking. Time. (Score 1) 422

money policy is responsible. The declining dollar makes foreign stuff more expensive. Domestic stuff is cheaper.

So nevermind all the fear around the declining dollar that we get from the right wing. There's downsides AND upsides. You implement the policy with the combination that you need at that moment. And right now, we need a relatively weaker dollar and all the jobs that will come back home as a result.

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