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Comment The advantage (Score 1) 7

Your wreckage doesn't get lost in the Atlantic ocean in deep water where the fucking French can't find it.

Terrorism doesn't do anyone any good if nobody knows you did it.

So you blow it up right over the USA, so all you have to do is to

ah fuck it. I don't want to explain this any more. I just want you all to know that I'm daydreaming about sliding my cock into Barbara Bush's cunt. I don't care which Barbara it is.

Comment Re:Her Constituent Status Is Only Part of It (Score 0, Flamebait) 549

The polls still say that 20% of the population is willing to call themselves Republicans. The rest of the conservatives are desperately trying to rebrand, and might even go as far as reform the Whig party.

Of course, if you get your news from Glen Beck then you might disagree. Please keep listening to that guy. The more deluded you are, the more impoverished your children will be. They'll make good servants, I am sure.

Comment Re:Her Constituent Status Is Only Part of It (Score 0) 549

Please continue to believe your cartoonish stereotypes of Democrats.

The more divorced you are from reality, the easier it will be to beat you at the polls.

Also, it will be easier to ensure your descendants are kept impoverished and ignorant, and hopefully die really young, in great pain. That last part isn't a Democratic policy, it's just my masturbation fantasy.

Comment Re:Her Constituent Status Is Only Part of It (Score -1, Troll) 549

I too would like to apologize to all the dead people. I am sorry that I let Republicans kill you by depriving you of health care, and your income. I am sorry that so many stood by while Republicans cozied up to big business, allowing them to send your jobs our of the country, and helping them to smash your unions.

I'm sorry that Republicans are such cunts, and that we've done little to point out what huge cunts they are. We'll do better in the future.

It's about time that more people started saying things like this. It's our nation, and our world, on the line here.

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Journal Journal: A Poem 4

This will explain
where the fuck I've been
in case you were
missing me.

I fell asleep
in an adult theater
in Belgium
with my hand on my cock.
I would plead
that this was just
an aberration but
that would be a lie
because I did it twice.

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