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Comment Re:I'd have to opt for the Borvell scenario (Score 1) 376

I would too, but nowhere is the word Borvell explained. What the hell is a Borvell?

Borvell: (noun) a rubber container of liquids, shaped like a twinky, which can be filled with an intoxicating fluid such as vodka and shoved in your ass. This device provided the inspiration for the famous Microsoft product "Vista."

Comment Re:Maybe I was too nuanced (Score 1) 14

No, you still don't get it. That Friedman wouldn't have ever gone along with the abuses that his followers have perpetuated is PRECISELY the unintended consequences that I am talking about.

Friedmanism fucked us all when it was implemented in the real world. You continue to think that next time it'll be better if only the jerks could be excluded.

Comment Re:Maybe these economists are from Laodicea (Score 1) 14

Friedmanism has guided the actions which have brought about the current disaster.

And you have made ANOTHER exception for Friedmanism here. There has never been a fully socialist market either, so are we to let socialism off the hook for the unintended problems of various implementations?

Do we really need to go all-in-socialist to see that we also will end up another feckless Europe?

You have SO MANY intellectual faults. Add black and white thinking to that list.

Comment Re:Subtext (Score 1) 9

Chapter 11 is the wrong chapter. Chapter 7 is appropriate.

BTW, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Hyundai all will go through this in the near future. The world is changing, and hardly anyone realizes that these other companies are also walking dead.

I support the GM bailout fully because I'm the sort of guy who likes to watch the world burn down. My only regret is that I didn't light the match.

Comment Re:Hey hey hey (Score 1) 14

But, we're back at the original point, which is where I already said that I might not disagree with you.

If Socialism has unintended consequences that it surely must answer for, then it is undoubtedly true that Friedmanism must answer for wrecking the economy of the United States. Were you not moved by Greenspan's shocking confession?

How can you also not declare Friedmanism dead when it's fucked up this badly?

Comment Re:Hey hey hey (Score 1) 14

As I suspected, your argument is of the form:

Socialism is bad because of (random invented nonsense based on the utterings of people who know nothing of socialism).

And then you throw Marx into this, as if he has any relevance whatsoever.

Please tell me what this centralizing of power is, because it's not socialism. Socialism is generally the protection of the rights of the people FROM power, including corporate and governmental power. Socialism requires a democratic government with the people holding authority, and it prefers governmental power accountable to the people rather than corporate power accountable to a few rich.

Capitalism as we have it is based on the centralization of power.

You obviously don't understand that.

Comment Re:Hey hey hey (Score 1) 14

I may not disagree with what you're saying, but I am more interested in why you would hold socialists responsible for the unintended outcomes of their philosophies, but you will not hold Friedman's followers responsible for the unintended outcomes of theirs.

It's a double standard based on your own personal unexamined biases.

Comment Re:Hey hey hey (Score 1) 14

Do you really have any clue about what socialism is?

When you mix up a big corporation with socialism, it's like saying you met a chick at the bar last night who had the most enourmous cock you'd ever seen on a chick. It makes no sense! ...
Libertarian socialism also constitutes a tendency of thought that informs the identification, criticism and practical dismantling of illegitimate authority in all aspects of social life. Accordingly libertarian socialists believe that âoethe exercise of power in any institutionalized form â" whether economic, political, religious, or sexual â" brutalizes both the wielder of power and the one over whom it is exercised.â[3] ...

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