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Journal Journal: Michelle Bachman's naked ass 7

I found this and immediately thought everyone here would enjoy this. It's a shot of Michelle Bachman's naked ass taken apparently with her knowledge.

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Journal Journal: Answer me this 9

Can anybody tell me why it's a good idea to pay back government debt? Because I can't think of any reason why it's a good idea.


Journal Journal: I like this comment

You need to go to a strip club to get over the trauma. And while you're there, just remember that the hand that brings you your drink is the same hand that jacks you off in the back room - the efficient, invisible hand of Ayn Rand!

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Journal Journal: Careful below 4

Right now I'm standing on my Manhattan balcony, jerking off onto the people below. They'll probably think it's a constipated pigeon.

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Journal Journal: Arizona is where I will get my rocks off! 2

I'm not complaining. Now I know where there's an entire state, full of people who are too scared to go to the police because they're illegal aliens.

I think I'll RAPE someone on my next vacation. Arizona is fucking good for the soul.

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Journal Journal: Another first for me! 3

Tonight marked the very first time that I masturbated at the same time that the United States has some kind of universal health care system!

It's not the best bill, but it's a start that can be improved.

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Journal Journal: website 1

I'm loving this one. I'm the guy with the cam on his cock, white t-shirt. When the cam is up for about a second, I extend my little finger and flip you off. Also, I have a Swedish IP address, because I'm at one of my summer homes right now. I'm only here in the winter because my wife hid the keys to all my good summer homes. She caught me with a prostitute again, and I'm in the doghouse.

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Journal Journal: A Poem 4

This will explain
where the fuck I've been
in case you were
missing me.

I fell asleep
in an adult theater
in Belgium
with my hand on my cock.
I would plead
that this was just
an aberration but
that would be a lie
because I did it twice.

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Journal Journal: Time magazine 16

Time mag wrote that the '00's were the worst decade EVAR! I can't deny that, but they ain't seen nothing yet.

Folks, you are going to be in pain. Pain Pain Pain. How can I say it? You're going to be hurting.

I can see it, and so can most of you. Hell, I'll skin a kitten just for fun, but the pain you all are going to be in actually brings a tear to my eye.

You may as well get a head start on everyone else. Start thinking about what it really means to be an American. Start thinking about what it really means to be a human being. Start realizing that you have a choice. You can't be both.

We're going to discover that it's becoming physically impossible to be an American. The laws of thermodynamics prevent it. Or maybe it's karma. Or maybe we'll just be the first empire in history destroyed by stupidity.

So I would recommend that you choose to be a human being. Being an American isn't going to be very easy in the next decade.

Happy New Year, a little early.

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Journal Journal: More about Freedom 15

Continued questions:

Can free people exist in totalitarian states?

If a person exists in a way such that their desires and goals never contradict the totalitarian state, can that person be said to be free?

Or is freedom a collective attribute? Is there no such thing as a free person, only free nations?

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Journal Journal: What is freedom? 14

Give me your definitions of freedom.

This one isn't like the other ones. I haven't nailed down my own definition of what freedom is or is not.

All I know for sure is that the right libertarians are wrong. Freedom is NOT money. Taxes don't steal your freedom.

But that's not a definition. So sock it to me!

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