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Journal Journal: A Poem 4

This will explain
where the fuck I've been
in case you were
missing me.

I fell asleep
in an adult theater
in Belgium
with my hand on my cock.
I would plead
that this was just
an aberration but
that would be a lie
because I did it twice.

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Journal Journal: Time magazine 16

Time mag wrote that the '00's were the worst decade EVAR! I can't deny that, but they ain't seen nothing yet.

Folks, you are going to be in pain. Pain Pain Pain. How can I say it? You're going to be hurting.

I can see it, and so can most of you. Hell, I'll skin a kitten just for fun, but the pain you all are going to be in actually brings a tear to my eye.

You may as well get a head start on everyone else. Start thinking about what it really means to be an American. Start thinking about what it really means to be a human being. Start realizing that you have a choice. You can't be both.

We're going to discover that it's becoming physically impossible to be an American. The laws of thermodynamics prevent it. Or maybe it's karma. Or maybe we'll just be the first empire in history destroyed by stupidity.

So I would recommend that you choose to be a human being. Being an American isn't going to be very easy in the next decade.

Happy New Year, a little early.

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Journal Journal: More about Freedom 15

Continued questions:

Can free people exist in totalitarian states?

If a person exists in a way such that their desires and goals never contradict the totalitarian state, can that person be said to be free?

Or is freedom a collective attribute? Is there no such thing as a free person, only free nations?

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Journal Journal: What is freedom? 14

Give me your definitions of freedom.

This one isn't like the other ones. I haven't nailed down my own definition of what freedom is or is not.

All I know for sure is that the right libertarians are wrong. Freedom is NOT money. Taxes don't steal your freedom.

But that's not a definition. So sock it to me!

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Journal Journal: Everyone who loves Pudge 6

Raise your hand. Post here.

Don't post here unless you intend to say you love Pudge.
Just post with the word "I love him", exactly, and nothing else.

This is an experiment, just play along.


Journal Journal: Exaggeration 2

If there were no such thing as white privilege, then this wouldn't be funny at all.

Generic White Man

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Journal Journal: Future history 2050-2130

What do you all think of slotting in a rehash of "Red Dawn" for those years? Instead of Russians, it'll be the American Taliban. Instead of high school kids, it'll be porn stars. But they'll still call themselves Wolverines and shoot things up in the mountains.

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Journal Journal: Look at how helpful the insurance companies are being! 1

Headline from the Huffington post: "SCARE: Insurance Firms Say They'll Spike Rates If Health Care Reform Passes"

In effect, the insurance companies are saying to Congress: "Excuse me sirs, but if you reform bill passes, rates will increase. The measures you have taken to control costs are therefore insufficient, and you need to consider something MUCH stronger to contain costs."

Isn't it wonderful how the insurance companies have stepped up and helped out in this way?

The Matrix

Journal Journal: Do you read the last chapter of the book first? 1

This current show, as it is playing, is meant for people who were born in the 1960's, can remember living in the 1970's, and who will be alive and have their wits until approximately 2050.

If you were born later than that, it'll seem as if you walked into the movie after the beginning, and you'll be confused for a while, until someone explains the beginning.

I understand your wish to see how it all turns out, but I can't tell you everything. You wouldn't believe me anyway.

OK, OK, I'll reveal some of my notes, so you can see the rough outline of the story. But you're just going to have to live through it to find out the details.


The modern world is well underway, and has been for many decades. Every technology that will figure into the next installment of our serial drama (1970-2050) has been invented already. Some have only been imagined (nanotechnology) but it was invented more than a decade ago by Feynman. Others, such as the von Neuman computer, are well understood. Practically all of modern computer science is in place by 1970, with the exception of Artificial Intelligence, derailed by that bastard Minsky.

But, I digress. As the fans of this series are well aware, the main plot of the last installment, for those born in approximately 1945, and scheduled to die in about 2030, was that everything starts too look really good, like something is getting done, and then POW it all gets fucked up again. This installment is no different. The characters in this story get our chains yanked yet again.

There's two main interwoven stories. The first is the triumph of liberalism (a fake-out - shhhh!) and the other is the coming of the technological singularity (another fake-out - haha!)

The triumph of liberalism story is pretty much a repeat of the story from the last installment of our little drama. Just as the victorious hippies succeeded in remaking society and culture in a way that was approaching something new in history, the Obama fans also get very close to creating something new.

But then at the last minute, it stalls out. Last time it was Nixon. This time, it's the rise of the Chinese hegemony. No, China doesn't buy our asses, they just get powerful enough to cause problems.

And for poor Obama, he's just a little too late. Just a little too much money has been spent on guns, not enough has been spent on butter, just a few too many factories were sent overseas, and the income gap widened just a little too far. Obama's smart, but not quite smart enough. He makes the mistake of thinking a victory in Afghanistan will magically solve all the foreign relationship problems. He's unable to pull the country out of the tailspin, and the bottom falls out in the second decade of the 21st century. Conservatives (fascists, really) dominate after that using overt racism, sexism, nationalism, and xenophobia.

The other part of the story is the technological singularity, in the year 2027. Read up on that if you're not familiar. To summarize, by 2027, the wealthy elites are relatively small in number, compared to a vast population of poorer people. In today's terms, the middle class of 2027 extends only as far as the working class does today, with the rest falling below that. Paycheck-to-paycheck and poorer, basically.

In 2009, a large and growing number of people know about the singularity, popularized by Raymond Kurzweil. By 2027, Kurzweil has been dead for over a decade, and only the tiny wealthy classes with time to think about such things can even predict that the singularity will arrive. But arrive it does.

The first truly intelligent computers are produced, not by any understanding of the brain, but by brute force. The magical powers of Moore's Law meant that once computers became fast enough to simulate a single human brain, it was only a short amount of time before they became fast enough to simulate every possible human brain. It was a simple matter to start simulating random possible human brains, culling the stupid ones, keeping the smart ones, until a brain of human intelligence was eventually stumbled upon accidentally.

Further improvements resulted in super-human intelligence, and it was those accidentally simulated brains that brought us the singularity.

By the end of the story, which you will be experiencing in approximately 2050 at the end of your natural life, you will be living in squalor. The glory of the United States will be gone. The leaders who promised so much will be faded from history. Conservatives will have instituted a religious dictatorship and will be fully occupied with keeping all the pieces of the United States together against the forces of history. It's clear that they will eventually lose, but it'll take decades.

And you'll know for sure that the singularity happened. You remember news reports about the computers getting smarter, and you remember news reports about the computers advancing at an accelerating pace. The only thing you don't remember is the singularity itself. Wasn't there supposed to be an Earth shattering kaboom? Didn't St. Kurzweil promise that the computers were going to solve our problems and usher in a golden age?

And in approximately the year 2050, you will die of dynsentery. In Oregon.


Journal Journal: ACORN and what I did about it 5

So Congress decided to cut funding to ACORN, and I just sent off a 5 thousand dollar donation to ACORN. Why? Because I'm rich, and you're not. I won't miss the money, but the STRIPPERS in my town sure will.

Oh, and I did one more thing. I have a bunch of people working for me, so I picked a white guy out and terminated his ass. His skill are pretty specialized, so he'll be out of work for a while. I honestly don't give a shit.

Comments please.

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