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Comment Chess (Score 2) 279

Whenever I need a break, I play chess.

In 5 minutes, you can think of a move in a high-level long game, or play a couple of games of speed chess.

It's mental, fun, and doesn't have to stretch into any more time than you want.

Comment Re:Capturing the energy too ... (Score 1) 265

Nah, it's easy. Just use that abundant "hope and change" that has been driving all of these pie in the sky ideas lately.

If we just wish really, really hard, the thing will slow down on its own and float gracefully down to the front lawn of the White house, where our pseudo-elected leaders can pat each other on the back and proclaim their greatness for achieving such a monumental accomplishment.

Comment The Downfall of Microsoft (Score 1, Offtopic) 245

You know, I saw a commercial for a Surface last night. It depicted a bunch of 20-something misanthropes at "work" doing something that could be likened to having epileptic seizures on a conference room table, tossing their tablets about as if they were frisbees and displaying facial expressions like my dog makes when it's trying to take a crap.

In the time since then, I still have no idea what Surface is, does, or how it would help my organization get anything done. All I remember are a bunch of idiots acting like idiots and not doing any work.

It's like they were *trying* to sell this device, whatever it is, to business, by appealing to the worse type of employee imaginable. That doesn't seem like much of a success strategy to me.

Seriously, watch a couple of these commercials and tell me that there is a clear message about how this thing is actually useful:

Maybe I'm just old and unhip and still believe that going to work is for working.

Comment "Real World" conditions (Score 0) 700

Elon Musk should be releasing range figures that are based on how people actually drive in everyday life, not the range that results from "following our driving instructions to the letter," because that is not real life.

Let's not forget that Tesla has already sunk $500M in taxpayer money down this rathole and still doesn't have a product.

It's only a matter of time before Tesla joins the ranks of A123, Solyndra, and Satcon.

Comment Why is this on Slashdot? (Score 0, Offtopic) 270

First of all, it's not news for nerds. Second, the story is not at least 2 weeks old. Third, it doesn't meet the list of acceptable subject matter:

- Apple Rocks
- Microsoft Sucks
- Linux is awesome, but I hate it because I am not in charge
- Do my job for me
- Ask Slashdot: $TROLL_QUESTION

So, what gives? Is there a new addition to the list of acceptable subject matter on Slashdot?

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Submission + - EFF Accepts Chair Endowment to Fight Patent Trolls, Funded by Patent Troll (

EmagGeek writes: "In an astonishing piece of irony, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has accepted an endowment from billionaire investor Mark Cuban to fund a "chair to eliminate stupid patents." One might thing the EFF would have a good system for vetting potential donors for possible conflicts of interest, but apparently missed the fact that Mark Cuban, who reportedly owns a 7.4% stake in patent troll Vringo, is currently embroiled in several patent trolling lawsuits against the likes of Google and Target.

"In March, Vringo merged with Innovate/Protect, which is basically a patent troll. It ended up owning search-monetization patents from Lycos. It's using those patents in lawsuits with Google, AOL, Gannett, Target and IAC, according to a Vringo press release.

Suing Google over years-old patents that aren't being used is absurd. But that might be the appeal to Cuban.""

Comment Re:This is why... (Score 1) 592

You need to carefully read the words in my post and think about what they mean before you make such absurdly false assumptions.

I said I PREFER it, and that implies that I actually do play PC games, occasionally covered in the crumbs of cheetos and screaming at some douchebag across the Internet who just fragged someone just to be difficult.

Nothing I said implies that I don't play PC games.

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