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Comment I got the notice... (Score 2) 137

I got the email notice from Target at TWO of my email accounts that my information had been stolen.

I pored over my financial data and found that I have not used any credit card at a Target store since 2008. So, obviously the breadth and depth of this attack are a lot more extensive than what they are telling us.

Either that or Target is simply blasting everyone in their email database whether or not they believe the customer's information was stolen, which says that Target still really has no idea whose information was taken and whose wasn't.

It really is a reflection of the vast incompetency of Target management. They don't know ANYTHING, and have just been firing the shotgun since this whole story broke.

Comment Re:Really that hard? (Score 1) 207

Some ant species have been found to engineer underground agriculture systems where they create rooms and tunnels that foster the flow of moist air through them, so they can grow fungi to eat.

Wiki Ant-Fungus Mutualism. It's pretty fascinating.

The Courts

FISA Judges Oppose Intelligence Reform Proposals Aimed At Court 187

cold fjord writes "The LA Times reports, 'Judges on the ... surveillance court have strongly rejected any proposed changes to their review process ... In a blunt letter to the House and Senate intelligence and judiciary committees, U.S. District Judge John D. Bates made it clear that the 11 judges on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court are united in opposition to key recommendations by a presidential task force last month ... their skepticism adds to a list of hurdles for those advocating significant reforms following former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden's massive disclosures of domestic and foreign surveillance programs. ... Obama and some intelligence officials have publicly signaled support for creating an adversarial legal process in the court ... and aides have suggested the president will create an advocate's position or call for legislation to do so ... But Bates disagreed sharply, arguing that "the participation of an advocate would neither create a truly adversarial process nor constructively assist the courts in assessing the facts, as the advocate would be unable to communicate with the target or conduct an independent investigation." Adding an advocate to "run-of-the-mill FISA matters would substantially hamper the work of the courts without providing any countervailing benefit in terms of privacy protection," he added.' — The Hill adds that Bates, "... recommended an advocate chosen by the court, rather than an independent authority, for only a limited number of cases. " — More at Computerworld and NPR."

Comment Re:Most likely exists to prevent over-grazing.. (Score 4, Insightful) 169

You obviously know nothing about women.

My wife loves chocolate as well, but hates to eat it because she likes being skinny more than she likes eating chocolate (and if you ask any woman, the two are mutually exclusive). So, if I have chocolate in the house, I must compete with her and ensure that I eat most of it, otherwise she gets upset.

Comment Doesn't pass the smell test (Score 2) 324

To reach a distance of 8 miles one would have to be transmitting a significant amount of power - probably in the range of several watts. From that, a lot of heat would be generated, and it would be unlikely to go unnoticed.

Assuming that the usb cables were used as antennae, it is also likely that the radiation pattern is for shit, so I find the claim of an 8 mile range to be highly suspect, absent an extremely high gain receiver antenna and a clear line of sight.

Nevermind the 500mA USB limit on *most* laptops...

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