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Comment Copyright not her only worry (Score 3, Interesting) 260

I imagine this class action lawsuit is not the reason she is on the run. I would think that if what Lee said was true, and she was charging insurance companies $4000 for a $200 job, she has bigger problems.

All speculation, but it seems to me this is a "take the money and run before I get discovered for widespread multimillion dollar insurance fraud" disappearing act rather than a "OMG a civil law suit! Run!" disappearing act.

Comment Re:Curious (Score 1) 270

Don't confuse cause and effect.

Religion is simply a symptom of being mentally retarded - or "developmentally delayed" as the new hopeful-sounding buzzword that psychologists use today to give false hope that retardation is simply a "delay" in becoming the smartest person in the world.

Maybe being a psychologist is also a symptom of being retarded.

Comment Re:separate ownership and management (Score 1) 355

My county tried that, and AT&T lobbied the state for a Law that prohibited municipalities from rolling out infrastructure for Internet that citizens could connect to. This Law was passed, of course, only after the Federal Government spent tens of millions in subsidies under contract with the county to roll out universal fiber. So, now the county has to pay back all of that money having breached the contract, and after having spent it rolling out the infrastructure.

So yay, I get to keep my 1.5mbit DSL from AT&T, with no plans to ever upgrade. In fact, "never" was the word that AT&T used to describe to me the chances of ever seeing anything more than legacy ADSL.

Comment The more likely reason (Score 5, Insightful) 270

People don't want to sign up for the armed services knowing that they're just going to be shipped off immediately to one of these middle-eastern hell holes to fight some undeclared war over some bullshit "terror" campaign to "keep us safe" from that big, evil Constitution that is making government's job so difficult.


Ask Slashdot: What Is the Most Painless Intro To GPU Programming? 198

dryriver writes "I am an intermediate-level programmer who works mostly in C# NET. I have a couple of image/video processing algorithms that are highly parallelizable — running them on a GPU instead of a CPU should result in a considerable speedup (anywhere from 10x times to perhaps 30x or 40x times speedup, depending on the quality of the implementation). Now here is my question: What, currently, is the most painless way to start playing with GPU programming? Do I have to learn CUDA/OpenCL — which seems a daunting task to me — or is there a simpler way? Perhaps a Visual Programming Language or 'VPL' that lets you connect boxes/nodes and access the GPU very simply? I should mention that I am on Windows, and that the GPU computing prototypes I want to build should be able to run on Windows. Surely there must a be a 'relatively painless' way out there, with which one can begin to learn how to harness the GPU?"

Comment EAS is annoying (Score 1) 382

EAS alerts can be helpful, but they have become so abused that 90% of the alerts are not actually emergencies, and most frequently are not even close to being emergencies worthy of alerting everyone with a cell phone.

A confirmed tornado is an emergency. Doppler readings favorable for tornado formation are not.

An amber alert is not an emergency, let alone activating EAS for the initial alert and every 10 minutes thereafter with a repeat of the original message.

A fast-spreading wildfire is an emergency for the people in the affected area. A car fire on the interstate is not.

A suspicious person in the area is not an emergency.

I've gotten alerts for all of these. I ultimately just turned them all off. If I hear thunder, I check out my Weatherbug Elite. If I smell smoke, I look outside for the fire. I quite frankly no longer care if some negligent parent failed at their duty to protect their child.

I don't see how they expected any other outcome when they started expanding the scope of what constitutes an "emergency."

Comment Reducing Government Power (Score 1) 259

Listen up. If you want to reduce the power that government has, you have to take away its means to exert that power. That means you have to vote for people who will actually shrink government, who will pass laws protecting your privacy, and reduce the amount of money these agencies have to spend.

I.e. not republicans and not democrats. Unfortunately, 75% of the population is dependent upon government benevolence for their means of survival so they will happily give up their liberties in exchange for a fatter dole to draw from.

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