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Comment Meanwhile, in America (Score 4, Informative) 111

Innocent motorists are routinely relieved of their cash and belongings by police, without ever being charged with a crime, and with no recourse to recover their stolen property.

They should just extradite him to the US along with all of his seized property, and then the US government can just keep it forever under its insane civil forfeiture laws.


Space Diving: Iron Man Meets Star Trek Suit In Development 133

cylonlover writes "Science fiction may well become reality with the development of a real life Iron Man suit that would allow astronauts or extreme thrill seekers to space dive from up to 62 miles (100 km) above the Earth's surface at the very edge of space, and safely land using thruster boots instead of a parachute. Hi-tech inventors over at Solar System Express (Sol-X) and biotech designers Juxtopia LLC (JLLC) are collaborating on this project with a goal of releasing a production model of such a suit by 2016. The project will use a commercial space suit to which will be added augmented reality (AR) goggles, jet packs, power gloves and movement gyros."

Comment Re:It's like any other corporation (Score 2) 590

Like most ultra-left-wing radical groups, they love the idea of Saving All The Animals(TM), as long as it's someone else that has to do the work.

We used to have some liberal asshat who worked in our office, and she would constantly go around showing pictures of animals at the local shelter who needed foster homes. One day I asked her how many dogs she was fostering at home and she said, in a perfect sorority girl tone of voice "oh, I can't foster. I don't have time to take care of them."

Liberals LOVE the *idea* of people making sacrifices for the benefit of others, as long as it is the OTHERS who are making the sacrifices.

Comment Time to calm down (Score 2) 61

Look, there's no reason to get all amped up over this merger. Qi is clearly leading the charge in the market, so in order to offer any resistance, Duracell had to do this. The field is very dynamic and variant right now, so let's just hope that once it settles down to one dominant technology, it doesn't go all stagnant and stop working altogether.

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