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Comment Not one of the better DIY jobs (Score 4, Insightful) 128

The display in particular is pretty shoddy. I've seen much much better out there in terms of DIY flightsims.

Oh, and to this line in TFA:

"He also has interest from a couple of major aircraft manufacturers who want to use his creation to simulate various scenarios."

No, he doesn't. Aircraft manufacturers have no interest whatsoever in this.

Submission + - Snowden granted 1 year asylum in Russia

Cenan writes: Today, shortly before noon, Russia handed NSA leaker Edward Snowden papers permitting him to leave the transit area of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport. CNN has the story, among others.

Submission + - Mozilla Starts Hunting Down Software Bugs to Increase the Security of Firefox OS

SmartAboutThings writes: Mozilla and BlackBerry as partners? We don’t hear that too often. But this time they have joined together to develop and advance Peach, an open source tool that would allow them to discover software bugs before users are at risk. Peach has been created by Michael Eddington of Deja Vu Security and the development of a third major version has started more than eight years ago, in 2004. Mozilla has already used Peach to detect problems in essential HTML5 features like image and audio/video formats, fonts, WebGL, WebAudio and WebRTC. This means that we will get a safer Firefox browser and Firefox OS, since the mobile operating system is based on the HTML 5 structure.

Submission + - iPhone Hacked in Under 60 Seconds Using Malicious Charger (

DavidGilbert99 writes: Apple's iOs has been known as a bastion of security for many years, but three researchers have now shown iPhones and iPads can be hacked in just under 60 seconds using nothing more than a charger. OK so it's not just a charger but the Mactans charger does delete an official app (say Facebook) replacing it with an official-looking one which is actually malware which could access your contacts, messages, emails, phone calls and even capture your passwords. Apple says it will fix the flaw, but not until the release of iOS 7, the date of which hasn't been confirmed yet. So watch out for chargers left lying around.....

Comment Re:Snowden has a big one cares. (Score 3, Insightful) 347


Same boat here. Nobody cares, really. I say it jokingly - at least I used to - that as long as the average American gets their daily dose of the Kardashians (or whatever other entertainment they fancy), the NSA could install anal probes in their sofas and they wouldn't think once about it.

Nobody I know really truly values their rights, or why we have them. "Who is King George?" is a question I get frequently in response to my explanations of the tyranny that brought this country to revolt.

People really, truly don't care that their government is spying on them because they really, truly believe they are doing nothing wrong - when the average person commits several federal felonies every single day and is none the wiser about it.

Comment It starts in the boardroom (Score 1) 479

There is almost no demand for computer scientists. None whatsoever. The result is that there are very very precious few computer scientists - real, actual scientists.

What there is an enormous demand for are code monkeys - people who can churn out code quickly that allows a company to meet their unreasonable product release target dates and cost targets - but who don't have any real idea what is going on or what their code actually causes the computer to do.

Comment Re:Campaign Finance Reform MANDATORY (Score 1) 284

What if I get together with my neighbor, whose interests are very common with mine, and we collectively pool our campaign contributions to the candidates we decide will best represent our interests?

How about if we include another of our like-minded neighbors? And maybe a few of our friends?

Comment Copyright not her only worry (Score 3, Interesting) 260

I imagine this class action lawsuit is not the reason she is on the run. I would think that if what Lee said was true, and she was charging insurance companies $4000 for a $200 job, she has bigger problems.

All speculation, but it seems to me this is a "take the money and run before I get discovered for widespread multimillion dollar insurance fraud" disappearing act rather than a "OMG a civil law suit! Run!" disappearing act.

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