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Talking To the Public: the Biggest Enemy To Reducing Greenhouse Emissions 324

Lasrick writes: "Lucien Crowder is fed up with the notion that solutions for climate change would be easier to enact if only the public (especially the American public) understood the science better. Crowder looks to nuclear disarmament advocates as a model, as the move to reduce nuclear weapons has seen comparatively greater success even without public awareness and understanding: 'Indeed, in the nuclear and climate realms, desirable policy often seems to flow less from public engagement than from public obliviousness. Disarmament advocates, no matter how they try, cannot tempt most ordinary people into caring about nuclear weapons—yet stockpiles of weapons steadily, if still too slowly, decrease. Climate advocacy provokes greater passion, but passion often manifests itself as outraged opposition to climate action, and atmospheric carbon has reached levels unseen since before human beings evolved.'"

Comment Re:There needs to be clear jurisdictional bounds (Score 1) 297

There are many places where "airplane" space goes all the way to the ground. One inch off the ground puts you in FAA controlled airspace in these areas.

Class B, C, and D airports all have controlled airspace to the surface within a few miles of the runway center, and some Class E (non-towered fields) also have Class E airspace "to the surface."

I don't know where this occurred, but it's entirely possible that he was flying in controlled airspace.

Data Storage

Sony Tape Storage Breakthrough Could Bring Us 185 TB Cartridges 208

jfruh (300774) writes "Who says tape storage is out of date? Sony researchers have announced a breakthrough in magnetic tape tech that increases the data density per square inch by a factor of 74. The result could be 185 TB tape cartridges. 'By comparison, LTO-6 (Linear Tape-Open), the latest generation of magnetic tape storage, has a density of 2 gigabits per square inch, or 2.5 TB per cartridge uncompressed.'"

Comment BBT is a bore (Score 1) 253

I honestly thought the show was pretty funny for the first couple of seasons, but then it wore off. Why? Because it's just the same formulaic, stereotypical nonsense after 7 or 8 seasons.

It's basically a very predictable slapstick comedy with a bunch of technical and scientific jargon sprinkled on it.

Comment My diet is simple (Score 1) 499

I eat five pieces of raw fruit and five servings of vegetables every single day ("five and five"). Anything goes. My fruits are usually those high in potassium: apricots, plums, bananas... but also apples and oranges. Vegetables are carrots, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, green leafy varieties, and some but not many beans.

I get protein from eating tasty animals and from pasta, which is quite high in protein.

Honestly I sometimes have a hard time eating enough, because the fruits and vegetables are so damn filling. During the summer cycling season my wife has to force-feed me steak to keep me over 170lbs (I'm 6'0).

I would say the first step for anyone to become a "former" obese person (as I am) is to STOP DRINKING LIQUID SUGAR! Jesus christ. It's the dumbest goddamn thing anyone can do. You get the calories, but no signals from your stomach to say you're full. Consuming sugar is not bad, but in nature it's packaged with tons of this wonderful stuff called fiber that makes you feel full after you've had just a little sugar, and the fiber slows the uptake.

Oh, speaking of fiber... eating "five and five" every day will... well... let's just say.... nevermind... you can figure it out.

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