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Report: By 2035, Nearly 100 Million Self-Driving Cars Will Be Sold Per Year 325

Daniel_Stuckey writes "The rise of autonomous cars might turn out to be more rapid than even the most devout Knight Rider fans were hoping. According to a new report from Navigant Research, in just over two decades, Google Cars and their ilk will account for 75 percent of all light vehicle sales worldwide. In total, Navigant expects 95.4 million autonomous cars to be sold every year by 2035. That's pretty astonishing. For one thing, that's more cars than are built every year right now."
The Military

DARPA Wants Computers That Fuse With Higher Human Brain Function 109

coondoggie writes "In the never-ending quest to get computers to process, really understand and actually reason, scientists at Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency want to look more deeply into how computers can mimic a key portion of our brain. The military's advanced research group recently put out a call, or Request For information, on how it could develop systems that go beyond machine learning, Bayesian techniques, and graphical technology to solve 'extraordinarily difficult recognition problems in real-time.'"

Comment Re:$45,000 for a Master's? (Score 4, Informative) 163

UT Austin is 0.1 point above Tech in the rankings for CS Grad Schools. As has been noted, if you're in-state or on a GTA or GRA, the tuition drops precipitously or is basically waived. Whether it's a #10 or #9 school isn't really going to matter during interviews. Both are superb schools with an excellent reputation among hiring managers (and I've hired-a-plenty out of both).

Tuition rates between the two schools are not significantly different. Tech is a bit over $13K/semester and UT Austin is a smidge over $12K/semester.

Comment Administrative Costs (Score 1) 827

The top 50 salaries at my alma mater (a public state school) are all administrators and athletic coaches, and not one of them makes less than $200K (and some of the athletic coaches are over $500K from the State, plus whatever perks advertisers give them).

The highest paid tenured professor makes about $145K, and most professors make less than a first year MSEE graduate from the same school.

Yes, the demand-push inflation caused by massive government subsidies is the bigger problem, but administrative waste and focus on non-educational activities are significant as well.

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