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Comment How many of you were on they jury? (Score 0) 1737

Just asking, since unless you were on the jury or in the courtroom every day, what you know about this case amounts to precisely DICK, since all you know is what the transparently biased media has been feeding you.

So, unless you were on the jury, your opinion is worthless, and you should just shut the fuck up right now.

Comment Re:Math is hard because you can get it wrong. (Score 1) 580

Don't get too far ahead of yourself. When my kids were in public school, their math tests were graded full credit for the right answer, and partial credit depending on how "close" they got to the actual right answer, or if it was just a dumb mistake that resulted in the wrong answer.

It was entirely possible to get a B in a math class never having arrived at a single correct answer. That's the point where I pulled them out of the public school system. I'm just glad I got them out in time.

Comment Re:Electrical Engineer / Computer Engineer (Score 1) 401

IMHO, no, you are not. You are a "Comp-E."

I don't hire "Comp-E" people for "EE" positions, and vice versa. They are completely different. It really chaps my ass because I did my Undergrad and Masters in Electromagnetism and Remote Sensing, and my degrees say "Electrical and Computer Engineering," so everyone thinks I know something about computers. Heh.

They really should maintain a firm distinction between the two, and maybe even put Computer Engineering in with Computer Science.

Comment I use ESXi for just about everything (Score 1) 196

I have a big host at home that plays the role of my Firewall/Router (pfSense), Fileserver (OpenIndiana), Media Center PC (Linux/XBMC with GFX card attached via VMDirectPath), Workstations (Linux), APRS iGate/Packet Machine (Linux with sound card attached via VMDirectPath), and whatever else I feel like messing with.

Works like a charm, and cuts down on the power bills bigtime.

Comment It's Part of the Criminalization of Everything (Score 1) 238

This is precisely what they intended, with "selective enforcement" being the tool of oppression.

A tyrannical State makes everything illegal, but "lets it slide" for friends of the State. I just read "Three Felonies a Day" by Harvey Silverglate, and it was a real eye opener. You would be amazed at all of the stuff that we do every day and take for granted as being legal, that isn't, and could result in federal prison should the State decide it.

The title of the book basically says it all - the average American unwittingly commits three serious felonies every day of their lives.

Comment It really is too bad (Score 1) 120

You know, it seems fairly simple to conceive of some kind of storage medium for solar energy that is cheap, easy, and environmentally sound. If only there were a way to gather up immense amounts of solar energy and store it in some medium that had a reasonably high energy density, was easy to store and cheap to maintain in storage, and where it was quite easy to extract the stored energy, that could even be stored as solid fuel. If only there were a way to easily manufacture such a fuel locally, at or near the point of consumption, and even better, without the use of harsh chemicals and boatloads of energy.

It's too bad nothing even remotely like that exists today.


How Facial Analysis Software Could Help Struggling Students 90

moon_unit2 writes "Tech Review has a story on research showing that facial recognition software can accurately spot signs that programming students are struggling. NC State researchers tracked students learning java and used an open source facial-expression recognition engine to identify emotions such as frustration or confusion. The technique could be especially useful for Massive Open Online Courses — where many thousands of students are working remotely — but it could also help teachers identify students who need help in an ordinary classroom, experts say. That is, as long as those students don't object to being watched constantly by a camera."

Comment Technically illegal (Score 1) 104

It is illegal to obscure your identity in a public place, because it is illegal to interfere with the investigation of a crime. Since almost all criminal investigations involve looking for a missing suspect, obscuring your identity prevents law enforcement determining whether you are the suspect, and therefore in doing so you are committing Obstruction of Justice.

At least, that will be the government's reasoning in arresting people as "terrorists" who wear masks in public.

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