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Comment Property "Ownership" (Score 1) 601

In most common-law jurisdictions, you cannot "own" property outright. Where your deed is held fee-simple, you do not own the land at all. You merely own the right to improve upon it, generally by placing structures upon the surface of it, or to a depth reasonable, necessary, and blessed by your government overlords, as with a basement.

You don't own the land beneath the surface or any of the mineral content thereof.

You don't own the vegetation that grows in it, nor the right for your animals to eat it.

You don't own the water that falls on it, runs into it, or out of it.

You own nothing except a conceptual privilege to build your house on it, subject to the rules, regulations, and conditions set forth by your lords and their "zoning" rules.


Kickass Torrents' KAT.ph Domain Seized By Philippine Authorities 122

hypnosec writes "Kickass Torrents hasn't been accessible since sometime yesterday, and now it has been confirmed that the domain name of the torrent website has been seized by Philippine authorities. Local record labels and the Philippine Association of the Recording Industry said that the torrent site was doing 'irreparable damages' to the music industry and following a formal complaint the authorities resorted to seizure of the main domain name. The site hasn't given up, and is operating as usual under a new domain name. The government of the Philippines has confirmed that the domain name has been seized based on formal complaints and copyright grounds."

Best Buy To Carve Out Space For Microsoft Stores 214

UnknowingFool writes "Best Buy and Microsoft will launch 600 Microsoft stores within Best Buy retail locations in a store-within-a-store concept. The Microsoft stores will occupy 1500-2000 sq ft within each location. The terms of the deal are not announced, but I assume it benefits both as Best Buy would likely charge rent to help with declining revenue. For Microsoft, they may get cheaper facilities than building their own stores. The last I heard, MS had a very ambitious plan to launch hundreds of stores a year. I have doubts about the success of this venture, considering anecdotally almost every MS store I've seen in my travels was nearly empty. Since they all were located near Apple stores, the stark difference in foot traffic was apparent. The only exception was the MS store near Redmond, which had a decent crowd."

Death of Trees Correlated With Human Cardiovascular & Respiratory Disease 152

eldavojohn writes "PBS's NewsHour interviewed Geoffrey Donovan on his recent research published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine that noted a correlation between trees (at least the 22 North American ash varieties) and human health: 'Well my basic hypothesis was that trees improve people's health. And if that's true, then killing 100 million of them in 10 years should have an effect. So if we take away these 100 million trees, does the health of humans suffer? We found that it does.' The basis of this research is Agrilus planipennis, the emerald ash borer, has systematically destroyed 100 million trees in the eastern half of the United States since 2002. After accounting for all variables, the research found that an additional 15,000 people died from cardiovascular disease and 6,000 more from lower respiratory disease in the 15 states infected with the bug, compared with uninfected areas of the country. While the exact cause and effect remains unknown, this research appears to be reinforcing data for people who regularly enjoy forest bathing as well as providing evidence that the natural environment provides major public health benefits."

Comment Terrorism! Murka! 9/11! (Score 3, Funny) 83

We have to put a stop to this dangerous movement of self-creation and innovation that is not under the protective regulation of government. We need common sense laws immediately that require all 3D printers to be registered, and licensure for their operators.

We cannot allow this threat to our national security to continue.

This Public Service Announcement brought to you by the Republican-Democrat Partnership Conference in association with The Foundation for Peace through Unity and Faith in Government.

Comment FIFY (Score 1) 955

"Edward Snowden, the leaker who gave us the evidence of US government spying on its people is under threat of being extradited back to the U.S. to face persecution."

No Law or Act can be construed as to compel any person to conceal the commission of a crime, including crimes committed by government against its Citizens.

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