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Comment Re:The real story, by inference (Score 1) 244

Clearly your estimates are way overblown.

This datacenter is a research facility for the upcoming next-generation iTunes platform, called iTunes Advantage. It combines the intuitive user interface of iTunes with a background streaming protocol that renders the song list in 100% Asynchronous Quicktime, so at most we're talking about half a dozen clients...

Comment Re:Alternative solution (Score 1) 187

That might be an attractive solution on paper, but doing so might create a highly-localized distortion in the space-time continuum. Even if one were to create a unilateral phase detractor with enough force to avoid the sinusoidal deplanaration that results from the superposition of two incongruent magnetic fields, there would be sufficient side-fumbling in the sperving bearings to cause a breakdown in the magneto-reluctance in the up-end of the artificial magnet's cardinal gram-meters.

Comment Re:is it worth it? (Score 1) 586

Use hard math? Have you looked at the oxidation equations for gasoline and ethanol and compared the CO2 output for the same energy released? If you did, you'd see that it's not that different, and that ethanol doesn't significantly reduce CO2 output for a given energy release.

Butanol is hygroscopic, by the way. It does absorb water and can cause the same contamination effects as ethanol-mixed fuel. It's just a little less prone to separation.

Your post is full of politics and emotion, too...

Comment Re:Improper source. (Score 1) 586

Corn doesn't give ANY return on investment. Neither does sugar cane. Were it not for gigantic government subsidies, neither fuel would exist.

In Brasil, food has to be subsidized not because it is used to make biofuel, but because land that would normally be used to grow food is used to grow cane. Then again, almost everything is subsidized in Brasil because of the poverty rampant there.

Comment It's about manufacturing yield... (Score 4, Informative) 191

So if I am a graphics chip manufacturer, I know that the fewer unique designs I have, the cheaper it will be to manufacture my product line. If I make both chips and boards, the same economy of scale applies to both the chips themselves and the assembled boards.

If I can determine both my chip and board yield at in-circuit test, and configure each manufactured device to its maximum possible stable capability, then my manufacturing product yield is maximized.

This type of yield binning is nothing new.

Comment Ethanol is a terrible solution (Score 1) 586

The production of ethanol requires more energy than is provided by the fuel itself, creates more pollution, the combustion of ethanol in vehicles causes more smog.

Vehicles also consume more fuel because Ethanol has a lower energy content per mass and volume than gasoline.

My car gets 3MPG better on non-Ethanol fuel - so thank god there's a gas station near me that sells UL87 mogas that does not have ethanol in it.

Hopefully the Obama administration will deliver some of that "hope and change" and ban ethanol as a motor fuel..

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