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Comment Re:Ivy League = theroy loaded classes with skill g (Score 1) 197

I went to Georgia Tech, and it certainly does NOT have the "ivy league" mentality. In fact the place prides itself on the practicality of its curriculum. The university actively engages industrial leaders to shape and form its curriculum to keep it current with demand.

I don't know what the deal is with the online Master's, though. I completed my attendance there when the Internet was just starting to take off, so I don't know if the same resources are available (like the Alumni mentoring program, etc...).

Comment The FAA was very very wrong on this one (Score 1, Flamebait) 236

One of two possibilities:

1) The FAA does not understand the difference between a drone (which does not require visual contact with the operator to be flown) and a toy airplane (which cannot be controlled out of sight of its operator).

2) The FAA is trying to consolidate more power to government by conveniently misinterpreting the rules to give them the ability to ensnare model airplane owners in a tangled web of onerous regulation and raise more money.

My vote is on #2.

Comment Re:"Unfair"? (Score 2) 362

The mindset you describe, self-preservation, is the reason that we never actually want to solve problems, win wars, cure diseases, or actually fix anything.

There is too much money to be made fighting wars, so we don't try to win them. There is too much money to be made treating cancer symptoms, so we don't try to cure it meaningfully. There is too much money to be made lobbying against polluted air, so we lobby for half-assed solutions that don't work. There is too much money to be made fighting the "war on drugs," so we make no effort to eradicate drugs. There is too much money to be made fighting crime, so we make no meaningful effort to reduce crime. Police departments love federal paramilitarization dollars.

It's all personal greed and self-preservation.

Comment I am a sculptor (Score 0) 917

I do sculptures in ice, limestone, clay, and other materials. If this Law passes, I would be forced by government to comply with a request I recently turned away.

That request was for a piece of art - a limestone sculpture of a young boy, but with an erect penis (customer also specified he wanted the erect penis to be 7-8" in length and 1.5-2" in diameter). I immediately said "no way" but the customer, who was openly, of not obviously gay, argued that the erect penis was a legitimate artistic expression of the sexual angst and tension young boys feel as they go through puberty. Yeah, right, with such exact size specifications.

So yeah, the government wants to compel me under threat of force to sculpt young boys with oversized erect penises for gay customers.

Sorry, but fuck you. I'm still not doing it.

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