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Comment There's nothing wrong with ranking employees (Score 2) 177

There is absolutely nothing wrong with measuring employee performance relative to other employees. That's how you identify and promote the most promising candidates for internal promotion, and eliminate people who don't measure up.

What there IS something wrong with is using irrelevant metrics to make those measurements. Goals and deliverables must be objective, reasonable, and attainable. Many companies already named in this thread have a bad habit of setting subjective, unreasonable, and unattainable goals for employees they want to get rid of.

Comment The problem with artificial markets (Score -1, Redundant) 282

The problem with government-created, artificial markets is that the second the government money stops, so does the artificial market.

Nobody would spend their own money on solar or wind energy, because anyone expecting a return on their investment knows that these are poor investments that are likely to lose money over time.

Government has no problem losing money because they can always just take more from you.

Comment Re:They need to do more than that (Score 1) 603

You're missing the entire point of the TSA. Security is not the mission of the TSA. It's just a federal make-work program to "create jobs" by taking money from people who would otherwise put it to good use in the economy, and using it to pay for something that nobody wants and that only hinders productivity.

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