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Comment Re: The answer is SIMPLE (Score 2) 786

I'm sorry you have to live in a society that demands individual responsibility or doing things for others than yourself. Maybe all you Galts can move to Belieze like Mcafee tried.

Every dictatorship is based upon altruism at it's core. It starts as "you should sacrifice for others", then morphs to "you *will* sacrifice for others", then finally moves to "you will sacrifice for others even against and beyond the best interests of you and your family".

Altruism compelled by the State is collectivism, and collectivism in it's many & various forms never works well as a pillar of government and/or society. Collectivism insures everyone is forced to the lowest common denominator and results in the only things it actually succeeds at making equal...poverty, tyranny, and suffering for all.


Comment The Failure of Television is Cable (Score 1) 559

3D did not fail on TV, 4K will not fail on TV, 1080p broadcasts did not fail on TV.

Cable failed TV.

People are dumping Cable because in the 21st century paying $100/mth for ANY kind of content is absolutely retarded. Especially when the content is not even in 1080p, let alone in 3D or ever going to be in 4K. And paying $100/mth where you have 1000 channels and 90% of them are only showing reality shows about dumb hicks doing dumb ass things, this is why TV is failing.

Every Cable company in existence should be ashamed for the poor state and roll out of technology and the absurd cost to the average consumer to access this asinine content.

Hopefully Microsoft, Google or Amazon will wake the fuck up and offer a solution that allows us to 100% bypass cable subscription services. So far Apple is only looking to whore themselves to big Cable.

I mean come on, Apple, Google, Amazon and even Microsoft combined are worth more then the combination of all other Cable compaies, content creators and content distributors, it's time for these 4 companies to dictate how content is delivered in the 21st century rather then kissing Big Telco ass.

Comment Big Government CAN'T put a man on the moon (Score 1) 786

Subject says it all. Our government does not currently possess the capability of putting a man in space, let alone putting a man on the moon.

Private industry is close to making space travel routine, but government just can't do it, because it is too focused on other things, and tends to pollute science missions with political bias.

"Let's put a man on the moon! No wait, should it be a man, or a woman? Should it be someone who is best suited for it, or someone who is politically connected? What color should their skin be? Should the vehicle be built by the best capable company, or should we focus more on the diversity makeup of the company's employees, and whether the company is owned by a minority person?" etc etc...

Government is paralyzed by the Political Correctness movement.

United States

Israel Helped the NSA Spy on Former French President According To Documents 215

rtoz writes "It wasn't the US government breaking into the private communications of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, according to top secret documents unearthed by Edward Snowden and published in Le Monde – it was the Israelis. A four-page internal précis regarding a visit to Washington by two top French intelligence officials denies the NSA or any US intelligence agency was behind the May 2012 attempted break-in – which sought to implant a monitoring device inside the Elysee Palace's communications system – but instead fingers the Israelis, albeit indirectly. A few days back, Le Monde reported that the NSA Intercepted French Telephone Calls 'On a Massive Scale' ."

Comment Re:Governor Appointed (Score 1) 640

By eliminating all taxpayer funding of 'science'. ...
So long as politicians fund science with taxpayers' money, it will be politicized.

Nonsense. Firstly, it is wrong to say that "politicians fund science with tax-payers' money" - the state does, and in a modern democracy, that is an entity separate from the politicians; state is government, politicians are legislature - separation of powers and all that. If it doesn't work that way, it isn't because state funding is wrong, it is because you have a corrupt system. State funded research works in many countries, certainly in Europe, so it is possible to get it right.

The way to keep politics out of science is by improving the system and enforcing the rules. If you privatise all research, what you get is not better quality, but a free-for-all, where wealthy churces and organisations like Scientology can say "This is the truth", and nobody will know how to argue against them. In fact, a situation where science becomes impossible.

Comment Re:Should DoD be propagandizing directly to public (Score 1) 165

I get propaganda from both sides in my mailbox on a daily basis. The left's arguments appeal to one's intelligence, the right appeals to emotion.

Hmm, well, I find exactly the opposite. There was a study done by a prestigious university (Yale, IIRC) here recently that I'm too lazy to Google that shocked the Yale professor conducting the study, that revealed that TEA Party members score higher on science knowledge than the average, and above those who self-identify as Left/Democrat.

In any case, the politicians in both parties want the same things, just not the things you mentioned so much. They want to protect their incumbent position. They want to increase their own power and personal wealth by continuing to grow the power and scope of government along with the amount of wealth, capital, and resources in the economy it/they control.

They want to buy votes with entitlements and social programs, engage in gerrymandering, all along with also selling influence to insure re-election. It's not unexpected given the amount of power & wealth the government controls. Governments always tend to expand and eventually become authoritarian if unchecked.

The Left has always used appeals to emotion and hot emotional issues to advance their agendas. This is simply fact, not a judgment. Much of the differences in worldview have to do with real-world knowledge gained through experience and growing emotional maturity as people get older.

"Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains." - Winston Churchill

When I was much, much, younger and in my last years of school and the first few years after I graduated, my views were much more Left than they are now. I learned as I gained age, experience, and emotional maturity, personally observed decades of history happening, and cumulatively read and listened to more and more sources, opinions, arguments, debates, etc etc.

I've ended up as a sort of "pragmatic libertarian" out of the body of my half-century's-worth of practical real-world knowledge and experience, combined with intellectual honesty rather than emotions and good intentions.

Every dictatorship is based on altruism at it's core. It says at first that "you should sacrifice for others", but that always becomes "not only must you sacrifice for others, you must actually put others ahead of you and your family's own well-being".

Big altruistic social plans from government sound good to the un/under-educated, heavily-propagandized, economically-manipulated and intentionally impoverished masses, and that's why dictatorships and other types of tyrannies will always spring up when the population becomes uninformed/educated and apathetic enough, and the government grows large enough.

The arguments over capitalism/communism/socialism/fascism/left/right are actually irrelevant. Those are only the structures. What matters is the scale between:

Absolute Tyranny =====Total Anarchy

It's where on that scale the government is at that matters to regular people and is the right discussion to have.

It's ultimately a struggle of Authoritarians vs Libertarians (the concepts, not any party).

Those who believe that people are unable to govern themselves by mutual consent, that government should have control of everything and everyone, that everyone should be made "equal" by taking the fruits of the labors of producers by force and redistributing it to those who do not produce anything, versus those that believe that the individual should be as free as possible to succeed or fail on their own, with most government being local, and with as little central government size, scope, cost, and control as possible while still maintaining a stable society and nation.

Like distributed computer networks require much more effort to take over each individual computer node than it does to take over a network consisting of a central server and dumb terminals, where compromising just the central server is sufficient to corrupt the entire network, so government power should always be distributed downward/outward to the lowest, most local levels of government that is practical.

Of course, the vulnerable-to corruption-and-tyranny central-control model is what the authoritarians in both US political parties have been incrementally marching the US towards for a century, at least.

That's how you avoid crap like the NSA spying, secret courts, IRS shenanigans, NDAA, USA PATRIOT, etc etc etc. You don't give the bastards enough money or power to do shit except just *barely* enough of either to do only that which we the people decide that they're required to do.


Comment Re:Should DoD be propagandizing directly to public (Score 2) 165

Doesn't this amount to the Department of the Defense propagandizing directly to the U.S. public? What is acceptable and what is not?

I can see press conferences, announcements, and factual information, but when does it become an attempt to persuade the public?

Oh, you didn't hear? They repealed the law that forbade the US government from using it's (formerly) foreign propaganda tools and assets domestically against US citizens.

What I find interesting is that we see publications as politically/ideologically diverse as Daily KOS and Free Republic both highly critical of this travesty.

If only people would stop looking at only what they differ on and unite on what they agree on. That's how the government and their lackeys plays people. They stir up wedge-issue shit, create a carefully-crafted narrative, and push it through the various communications medias to enrage and divide people and suck all of the oxygen out of the air for public discussion about actual meaningful oversight, reform, and accountability of government and the political class.

I guarantee that even as a white male in his mid-50s, I and a 16-YO black or Latino gang-banger in the 'hood STILL have far, far more in common and agree with each other's views far more across the board then either of us would with the average Washington D.C. politician or apparatchik, regardless of political party.

Instead of, for instance, arguing over "racism" over the Trayvon/Zimmerman incident, how about holding those responsible for the 35% black unemployment rate and the generally crap economy that had Trayvon and has many more like him out on the streets instead of working a job and raising a family, responsible for their actions or lack of, and craft some practical solutions instead of trying to start a race war.

Same thing with Chicago/Detroit gun violence...treat the cause not the symptoms. Hold the politicians responsible for the high poverty & unemployment in those cities and others around nation responsible for the crime, violence, and hopelessness it breeds instead of attempting to shift the blame to 2A rights and individual gun ownership.

Always watch the other hand. Do you really think any of those politicians and political apparatchiks give a single damn about gun deaths or racism? All any of them (outside of a couple of pariahs of the mainstream party-establishments) actually care about is securing and increasing their wealth & power by increasing and broadening every aspect of their control over YOU.

Welcome to "Serfdom, 21st-Century Style!".


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