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Comment Re:Written Before Christianity Was PAGANIZED (Score 1) 568

That's kind of you to said. I am, as you probably surmised, an atheist. One of my dearest (and oldest) friends is a Christian. She teaches Sunday schools and goes to Bible camp. I don't have an issue with religious people. I just don't think one should believe something because they were told to, or because others do. But if someone has read the Bible and decided that's the life they want, that fine. My father was very religious. He often told me, "I'm your father. You'll believe what I believe." I would often reply, "if everyone thought that way we'd still be burning witches at the stake."

Comment Re:Written Before Christianity Was PAGANIZED (Score 1) 568

Really? The Jewish faith is about 5000 years old. That's 3000 more than Christians. They don't believe in the resurrection. Neither do the Muslims, and they way out number your "millions and millions." So, are they the "geniuses" or are you? Because you both can't be right, and using time or number of people doesn't prove your point, neither.

Comment Re:Written Before Christianity Was PAGANIZED (Score 1) 568

So, because something popular, it must be true. And if people die believing something, it must be true. Wow, no wonder people choose dogma over critical thinking. Thinking for yourself must be too hard. Just follow all the lemmings that came before you. They MUST know what they are talking about!

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