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Comment 3D in the lab caused me headaches (Score 1) 229

I remember when I was in grad school 10 years ago the experimental 3D systems would give me horrible headaches after a few hours of use. I remember thinking that if we shipped 3D systems like those to average consumers it would be a disaster. Other grad students reported vertigo and one even vomited after an extended session.

The saving grace of these systems might be that they aren't fully immersive so you would avoid the vertigo we felt standing inside the CAVE. The headaches came from the shutter systems we used. I'm glad 3D in theaters today uses some sort of polarized light these are much more pleasant to look at.

I think as long as 3D remains a "treat" instead of a default experience we'll be okay. The fact remains that no matter what the system used to produce 3D illusions on 2D surfaces we are ultimately causing a pair of binocular eyes to see objects that are not there. Seeing things that aren't there just sounds bad for you.

Comment Re:Send me a great idea and I'll program it (Score 1) 735

I put forward the same offer (and I'm not anonymous) with the caveat that I get a major share of the corporation built around the idea I select.

Just remember who will have the power in our working relationship. Me. You can't make your idea real. I can.

By way of analogy...
I already have the sword. Your idea might be for a gun. Last I checked, a real sword beats and imaginary gun.

If someone can truly send me a great idea that 'just needs a programmer', I will commit to writing the code. Out of the hundreds of 'ideas' that I get pitched 99% of them are already done (and often better than their plans), the 'idea owners' haven't even taken the time to review the market. Additionally, rarely does an 'idea' just need a programmer, it typically needs lots of capital to get over the hump of turning and idea into reality.

If your idea can pass a few simple questions
- How large is the potential market?
- Has this idea been done before, what makes it unique? It is patented, patentable?
- What have you invested in it?

My offer stands.

Comment Re:Reversal. (Score 1) 735

Yes, a lot of self-described "idea guys" have lousy ideas and aren't interested in details like programming. Is perhaps the thesis here that idea guys can be taught to program, but mere programmers can't be taught to have ideas? Because that's a bit insulting.

Very insightful. Somehow, I had missed the implicit insult. However, I think the insult was accidental. The author is trying to convince these oh-so-bright "idea guys" that they are oh-so-bright and can make their ideas come true themselves. The desired effect is these oh-so-bright "idea guys" will discover just how outlandish it is to think that three inexperienced graduate students could recreate all the functionality of Windows 7 using Javascript and HTML5.


Nevercookie Eats Evercookies 91

wiredmikey writes "Anonymizer, Inc. has developed Anonymizer Nevercookie, a free Firefox plugin that protects against the Evercookie, a javascript API built and made available by Samy Kamkar (same guy who brought you the Samy Worm and XSS Hacking to Determine Physical Location) who set out to prove that the more you store and the more places you store it, the harder it is for users to control a Web site's ability to uniquely identify their computer. The plugin extends Firefox's private browsing mode by preventing Evercookies from identifying and tracking users."

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