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Linux Business

Submission + - GPL v3 + Microsoft + Peer to Patent at TriLug

Zarf writes: Back in June the TriLug had a guest speaker Sapna Kumar from Duke university. The meeting covered GPL version 3, the Novel and Microsoft deal, the SCO law suit, and the Peer to Patent project that lets you inform patent officers about prior art. Interesting and vital new developments in law space that might affect kernel space, join your local LUG and get involved! BTW: Video quotes slashdot articles.

Submission + - Did your city post your tax return to google?

Zarf writes: "A Johnston County, North Carolina resident found tax payers' personal information by entering his own address into a Google search: story here. The county had posted tax payer data to its site, but, removed the file within an hour of being notified. County officials contacted google which responded that it would take five days to remove the information from their cache. The county had the information posted on their website for six weeks. The company Bi-Tek is named as the contractor that accidentally released the personal information. I've written about the article here in more depth but the story seems to be generally DOA in local media. How would people in a more tech savvy area react to this? What if the city of Boston had made the same mistake? And, what should happen to help people deal with the potential identity theft? Should anything happen to a software company that mistakenly posts tax payer personal data to the internet?"

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