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Linux Business

Submission + - GPL v3 + Microsoft + Peer to Patent at TriLug

Zarf writes: Back in June the TriLug had a guest speaker Sapna Kumar from Duke university. The meeting covered GPL version 3, the Novel and Microsoft deal, the SCO law suit, and the Peer to Patent project that lets you inform patent officers about prior art. Interesting and vital new developments in law space that might affect kernel space, join your local LUG and get involved! BTW: Video quotes slashdot articles.

Submission + - Ammonia Could Cut Data-Center Cooling Costs By 50%

An anonymous reader writes: In an idea drawn from space technology, Microway CTO Stephen Fried claims he's come up with a way to cut the amount of energy required to cool data centers by 50 percent. Fried, who has a background in chemical engineering, says he has proof-of-concept for his system, which is based on ammonia. The chemical is already commmonly used in mobile coolings systems for RVs and for the International Space Station. (Ammonia cooling is particularly effective in zero gravity.) Fried won't release more details about adapting the technology for data centers, because he's hoping in to receive a patent, but he claims ammonia won't damage computer and data center components. There is one small downside: "It just smells when it leaks," he said.

Submission + - CIOs leery of Apple's iPhone

BobB writes: IPhone e-mail access uncertainties, security and price will limit business adoption of device, according to CIOs. Take CIO Charlie Pelton, who won't be bringing Apple's iPhone into his mortgage company's network anytime soon. Pelton, of Market Street Mortgage Corp. in Clearwater, Fla., expects some of his end users will want the endlessly hyped consumer device, but with the iPhone lacking support for Windows ActiveSync Pelton worries about providing secure access to Microsoft Exchange e-mail. http://www.networkworld.com/news/2007/06-2707-cio- iphone.html

Submission + - Two standards - more choice, or less?

pieterh writes: "There's a fierce argument raging about whether the world needs a single document standard (ISO26300), or two. On the one hand, advocates of Microsoft's 'Office Open XML' (aka OOXML) format say that two standards means more choice for consumers. On the other hand, groups like the FFII argue that two standards for documents is not really about consumer choice, and more about maintaining Microsoft's office monopoly. There has also been harsh criticism of Microsoft's format, a petition that has raised 10,000 signatures in a week, and the promise of a cash prize in the fight against OOXML."

Submission + - Zero gravity flight, or how to get your dad to yak (networkworld.com)

coondoggie writes: "Talk about a great Father's Day gift or if you are in the education field you can enroll in a program that offers "Weightless Flights of Discovery." That's right. You can experience weightlessness without taking drugs or alcohol. The Zero Gravity Corp. (Zero-G) offers its gravity defying flights aboard G-Force One — a specially modified Boeing 727-200 aircraft. Able to accommodate up to 35 Flyers and six crew members, G-Force One is licensed with the FAA following extensive testing and evaluations in coordination with the FAA, the company's Website says. G-Force One flies parabolic flight maneuvers — a controlled ascent and descent of that creates temporary weightlessness or reduced gravity. NASA's Reduced Gravity Program aircraft is affectionaltely known as the "Vomit Comet."Zero-G has been in the news lately as Professor Stephen Hawking — the world-renowned physicist and expert on gravity flew on one of the Zero-G flights in April. http://www.networkworld.com/community/?q=node/1622 9"

Submission + - Pavlov's cockroaches, they drool from memory (msn.com)

Lucas123 writes: "Japanese researchers discovered that a cockroach's olfactory senses are sharp and they have memories like that of a dog. When the scientists exposed the filthy, disgusting roaches to an odor while feeding them sugar, and then later gave them a whiff of the odor without the food, the bugs drooled. Another set of cockroaches that weren't exposed to the odor when they ate, did nothing when they were exposed to the same smell later. '"Understanding the brain mechanism of learning in insects can help us to understand the functionings in the human brain. There are many, many common characteristics,"' one scientist said in a telephone interview with Reuters."
The Internet

Journal Journal: This changes everything. 8

Haven't had to say that in about two or three months. I guess things are slowing down around here. Anything in the last three to six months that "changes everything" that I should know about?

Google a "Wake-Up Call" For Microsoft 173

wooha points out coverage of a talk Microsoft's chief software architect, Ray Ozzie, gave at a Goldman Sachs conference in Las Vegas. Ozzie said that watching Google rake in advertising revenue was a wake-up call within Microsoft. He said Microsoft plans to do more than simply follow Google's lead by creating Web-based versions of desktop programs or duplicating its search and advertising model. (Despite Microsoft's massive investment in promoting and improving Web-based search, the company still has less than 10% of search engine market share, compared to Google's ~50% and growing.) Ozzie, who has only made a few appearances since his promotion last June to replace Bill Gates as CSA, told analysts and investors that he has been laying the groundwork for programmers across the company to build Internet-based software.

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