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Comment Re:Obviousness (Score 3, Informative) 115

We need to balance the benefits of patents (disclosure) with the detriments (short term artificial monopoly).

Have you read modern patents? They consist of dense legalese that's of no practical value to technologists. And twenty years is not "short term" in computing... our industry proceeds much faster than that.

Comment Well, there's your problem right there ... (Score 2) 506

MS Stack software developer

says it all. I almost stopped reading at that. MS stack is going bye-bye. And if there's one thing that is *not* lacking in *Seatle* it's MS 'talent'.
Try this: Advertise yourself as a Linux stack guy of same skill level, and look how many interviews you get with that. I'd bet measurably more.

Good luck.

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Journal Journal: Mini rant: Stupid constants

I am looking at a stored PROCEDURE as it takes too long to run. Besides the CURSORs, DECODE()s where NVL() should be used, and a UNION, there exists this stupidity up front:

csSpace CONSTANT CHAR(1) :='';
cnZero CONSTANT NUMBER(1) :=0;

How many things can you spot that is just plain wrong with that?

Comment Re:Don't expect the cop to know how much was stole (Score 1) 1010

What part of this confuses you? He was arrested, after much consultation, for a crime he admits doing, that a policeman caught him doing, which the school did not give permission for him to do, petty though it is.

Two parts: (1) traditionally, the availability of a readily accessible power outlet has been a cue that the outlet is available for (free) use by everyone who's authorized to be in the area. It's not a theft because--in the language of our existing social norms and conventions--the receptacle is actually an invitation unless there's specific signage to the contrary. If you don't believe that, well, then you'd better not charge your personal cell phone at work, plugin your laptop at the airport, or hookup your GPS to your buddy's lighter port without getting explicit permission.

And (2) the part about it being only 5 cents. It does society no good to saddle innocent, productive citizens with criminal records for a 5-cent infraction. That's just crazy. Seeing things in such black-and-white terms creates a user-hostile society that is focused on legalism and pedantry to the exclusion of real justice.

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Journal Journal: Chronicle: Got a new job 2

I was looking for a job and an interview required references. I decided to put down an erstwhile supervisor and coworker, but only after aksing their permission. They both agreed, and i never heard back from that (first) place. (Not because of bad reviews, the head hunter explained they were excellent.)

Comment Re:Expected (Score 1) 393

While I do realize I'm just one data point. In the 15 years, I've been doing IT professionally and helped many people with their computer woes in my free time, I have never seen a MBR or Boot Sector malware. I'm not saying SecureBoot is a cure for something that doesn't exists, but I haven't ever personally encountered one.
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Journal Journal: Chronicle: Emailed Walmart about confusing item description 4

Walmart has a Slinky for $3.00. The description says: Clearance! Was $1.86. That seemed backwards.

So, i sent an email from their website:

Metal Slinky

says the price is $3.00. The description says "Clearance! Was $1.86" Isn't that backwards? Because it went to clearance the price went up?

Comment Don't get to cocky about your options ... (Score 5, Interesting) 139

I'm sure its nothing that a can of spray-paint and some bubble-gum can't deal with.

Don't get to cocky about your options in an orwellian/cyberpunk future.

The corps in turn are sure your spray-paint and bubble-gum tactic is nothing 99.999% reliability facial-recognition + cell-phone tracking + behavioural-and-movement-pattern-recognition + god-knows-what can't deal with by tracking you down, sueing you into next wednesday, locking your creditcards/bankaccounts for that specific mall (all all others connected to the same megacorp and data-exchange conglumerate), putting you on a special surveillance & potential terrorist threat list, ban you from accessing gated communities of type X,Y and Z until further notice and upping your rent for being a threat to society all for spraying and gumming up their new survelliance & minion control bot toy.

Just saying.

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