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Comment Re:because desktop linux is a toy and novelty (Score 2) 1215

Try using CSV in a localized setting. For example, in a country where the decimal separator is the comma and the list separator is the ;. Now, you get a CSV from a co-worker in the US. Now, you think this would work... the C stands for comma, right, right? Well, Excel makes the import locale dependent. so your co-workers CSV will fail to import. Inversely, the one you generate with commas between the numbers and semicolons as a separator, will fail to import for your co-worker.

Now, I haven't read the standard. Excel might as well implement it correctly, and even the Free alternatives might do this (I don't know, I rarely use CSV in a setting where I have only Libre/OpenOffice), but that is very damn confusing for the end-user.

Comment Re:Steam Vs XBox One (Score 1) 581

Steam also allows for one other interesting use. I have many many games in my steam library, but I have only ever purchased one game from Steam. I buy games where ever and register thier codes on Steam. Thus I get all of the Steam goodness and if they ever shut down their servers, I have all my games still. Let see suXBOX do that.

Comment Re:lawsuit by proxy? (Score 1) 367

Why do you assume they aren't as happy, relative to others? You seem to be judging a culture based on your own culture, which doesn't always work so well (to say the least). I mean no snark, but because people from your culture wouldn't like it doesn't mean others wouldn't.

Comment Re:Good luck (Score 1) 8

I think the worst part about being in a small and previously questionably-run IT environment is that the expectation is that things will be bought once and work forever. It's not a matter of whether I could have upgraded these seven-year-old machines, but whether I would have to explain myself if something fails on an old machine we just spent money upgrading.

I wouldn't blame it on IT. You see, I have tried here too to make the best of things. I try (but apparently fail) to pass the message that you need to replace old stuff, because of the increased failure rate. Case in point, I have now been waiting for three weeks for our only PoE enabled switch to come back from warranty repairs. In any shop, you'd get the budget to buy a second asap, or even better before such a thing happens. Right now, only two people can use the phone and only because I had two power bricks for their IP phones. I think that's unacceptable, my boss doesn't seem to care. As long as there are no absolutely unavoidable costs that make him look bad in the reports. (Hey, would it hurt to give me a budget for stuff like this? But noooooo!). So, I just stopped asking. If something breaks, it's easier to ask for money.

As best as I can tell, several years ago it was automatically syncing to somewhere, but it had been years since that stopped working...

You can sync Windows machines by both NTP and by Samba (Not sure, it's the "net time" command, it seems to suggets ntp these days but it definitely wasn't in the NT4 days). I'd suggest NTP to one of the first-level stratum servers with your domain controller and make that a second-level stratum machine for the rest of your machines. NTP servers are best not virtualized. Just get a small cheap dedicated machine for this, or so.

Comment Good luck (Score 1) 8

I hope you get the resources to streamline the mess left behind. It gets doubly hard if there is never money for IT. I know how that is. *sigh*

Comment Re:Bottom head? (Score 5, Interesting) 123

Unit 3 means it is the third reactor in the power plant. Vogtle is the name of the power plant (probably the name of the place it is located in). Apparently there are already 2 units installed there with Generation II reactors and they are now in the process of construction another two units with Generation III reactors of the Westinghouse AP1000 design.

Vogtle was President/Chairman of Southern Company, Georgia Power's parent company. (Southern tends to name most of their plants after company bigwigs.) Apparently, he was a real POW who inspired the motorcycle dude in The Great Escape.

Comment Re:Bah, US only... (Score 1) 128

Because it causes all kinds of problems. Doesn't even have to be Linux. Talk to people who tried installing 7 on their 8 machine... If you don't know about secureboot (We're at the high end of the tech spectrum here, but just a few steps down there are "Windows reinstallers"... e.g. Windows power users who may not know about secureboot).

I said "it's not so bad, you can disabled it", and then we get many people posting that on their machine they couldn't .... yeah, it is a big problem... Perhaps not for you, perhaps not for me... but for many people... And FSM knows I'm going to curse a lot if I get a machine where I can't disable it completely.

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