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UK Proposal To Restrict Internet Pornography Sparks Row 561

An anonymous reader writes "The BBC reports on the row over proposals by the UK Government to criminalize possession of 'extreme' porn. The bill, published last week, would include the prohibition of fictional depictions of violence and images of acts between consenting adults. The law would also apply to screenshots taken from a legal film, if the screenshot was made for erotic purposes. The goal is to prevent disturbed individuals from accessing content online that would trigger violent behavior. From the article: 'Labour MP Martin Salter, who has worked closely ... in pushing the legislation, rejected the BDSM community's claims their civil liberties were being undermined. He said: "No-one is stopping people doing weird stuff to each other but they would be strongly advised not to put it on the internet. At the end of the day it is all too easy for this stuff to trigger an unbalanced mind."' The bill follows from plans initially announced last August."
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Submission + - Motorists Sue Over 'Hot' Fuel 5

i_like_spam writes: Motorists in 13 states have filed lawsuits against big oil companies and gas retailers alleging unfair pricing practices related to fuel-pumping temperatures. From an industry standard developed in the 1920's, the price for a gallon of gasoline is based on the density of the fuel at a temperature of 60 degress F. A gallon of gas at higher temperatures is less dense, and therefore contains less energy. The lawsuits claim additional costs of 3 to 9 cents per gallon without temperature adjustments. The fuel industry claims that the costs of installing temerature-adjustment sensors on every pump would be prohibitively high. These sensors are already installed in Canada, however, where the colder temperatures favor consumers.

Submission + - Head of LinuxChix Brazil looks to pass torch

lisah writes: "LinuxChix Brazil's Sulamita Garcia tells Linux.com that, despite an enjoyable four-year run as head of the chapter, it's time to move on and let someone else take over the reins. Involved in the Linux community since 1999, Garcia has been an avid supporter of women in the open source community but says there isn't necessarily as wide a gender gap as many would believe. '[A]fter working with LinuxChix and getting in touch with so many more women that I ever thought would exist in FOSS communities, I strongly believe there are a lot more than we think,' she says. 'They just tend to be a lot less vocal than men.'"

Journal Journal: Temporary blood vessel shunt to be used to save limbs in war 157

The FDA has just approved for military use a shunt which allows partially-severed limbs to continue to get circulation. According to the article, "For most, it won't be a matter of saving a limb outright but rather salvaging the quality of a wounded leg or arm." This is because "The tubelike device is designed to connect the two ends of a severed blood vessel, providing a temporary bridge or shunt around a wound to restore blood flow to an

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