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Comment Good riddance (Score 4, Interesting) 585

The more physical things we can get rid of, the better

I for one I'm quite happy to not have a closet full of 286/386/486/PIIs/PIIIs/etc boxes and peripherals... so much less stuff to store/maintain/move. It also makes you look like a sane person when you bring a woman home =)

Comment Re:start small (Score 5, Insightful) 312

+1 to moding parent up.

You won't get far convincing a product owner that you should spend months writing tests for the entire system.

Convincing someone that you should write unit tests for all new functionality to help guarantee the bug fix/new feature will continue to always work into the future is a much easier sell.

Comment External input devices! (Score 1) 178

As someone who has suffered from chronic RSI for years, your best bet is an external input device. You can alternate between a mouse, and some of the other options out there. When I'm on the road, I've found the ozupad to be a decent alternative option. Between a tracpad, a mouse, and an ozupad, you can change things up enough to hopefully avoid the worst of the repetitive motions.

Comment Filewave (Score 1) 460

For application deployment and management post-imaging, check out Filewave as an alternative to Radmind and Casper that others have mentioned. It works great with large scale deployments (even Adobe products), and can also works with Windows as well. Basically, it gives you the ability to add, modify, and remove any file on the HD over the network on all your machines.

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