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Comment Re:freedom of speech (Score 1) 1223

Then how come I never see people celebrating speech they disagree with? Where are the people who cheer on Rick Santorum's stance that gay relationships are equivalent to bestiality, or Michael Savage's comments that there needs to be a second Holocaust but this time on Muslims? Nobody is saying they don't have a right to speak, but we also have a responsibility to call people out on their abuse of it for nefarious ends.


Submission + - California Legalizes Self Driving Cars Paving Way for Google

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "The Seattle PI reports that California has become the third state to explicitly legalize driverless vehicles, setting the stage for computers to take the wheel along the state’s highways and roads as Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 1298, which affirms that autonomous vehicles are legal in California, while requiring the Department of Motor Vehicles to establish and enforce safety regulations for manufacturers. “Today we’re looking at science fiction becoming tomorrow’s reality,” said Gov. Brown. “This self-driving car is another step forward in this long, march of California pioneering the future and leading not just the country, but the whole world.” The law immediately allows for testing of the vehicles on public roadways, so long as properly licensed drivers are seated at the wheel and able to take over. It also lays out a roadmap for manufacturers to seek permits from the DMV to build and sell driverless cars to consumers. Bryant Walker Smith, a fellow at Stanford’s Center for Automotive Research points to a statistical basis for safety that the DMV might consider as it begins to develop standards. “Google’s cars would need to drive themselves (by themselves) more than 725,000 representative miles without incident for us to say with 99 percent confidence that they crash less frequently than conventional cars. If we look only at fatal crashes, this minimum skyrockets to 300 million miles. To my knowledge, Google has yet to reach these milestones.”"

Submission + - Brazilian Judge orders 24-hour shutdown of Google, Youtube and Executive arrest (volokh.com)

_Sharp'r_ writes: "Judge Flavio Peren of Mato Grosso do Sul state in Brazil has ordered the arrest of the President of Google Brazil, as well as the 24-hour shutdown of Google and Youtube for not removing videos attacking a mayoral candidate. Google is appealing, but has recently also faced ordered fines of $500K/day in Parana and the ordered arrest of another executive in Paraiba in similar cases."

Submission + - Torvalds calls Romney 'a f***ing moron' (networkworld.com) 16

netbuzz writes: "Last night Linux creator Linus Torvalds took to his Google+ page and called Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney “a f***ing moron.” Torvalds’ stated reason? Romney’s much-ridiculed suggestion that air passengers would be safer in emergencies if aircraft windows could be opened (a suggestion which some, including Snopes.com, have taken as a joke). Torvalds also recently called Mormonism, Romney’s religion, “bats**t crazy.” Is this just Linus being Linus? Or does such outspokenness on non-technical matters reflect poorly on the Linux community that Torvalds leads?"

Comment Bad bureaucracy (Score 1) 294

The problem is bureaucracy. I work in a clinic, and the new Electronic Health Records REQUIRE every patient's email address. The Health Care regulations require that the patient be able to access his or her records securely online via a website. The problem is that our clinic has a lot of senior citizens and nursing home patients. An 85-year-old usually does not have an email address, in my experience. Thus the clinic is forced to use dummy email addresses etc. The system won't allow a blank, and the government will not reimburse for empty records.


Submission + - Public Knowledge blasts AT&T over FaceTime network limits (electronista.com)

mr100percent writes: One of the new features in Apple's iOS6 release due this fall is an enhancement to the FaceTime video call feature, allowing it to function over 3G on any cellular network. On Friday, AT&T announced that the privilege only extends to users on its new "Mobile Share" programs, and not for users grandfathered on the unlimited or tiered data plans. Public Knowledge, a nonprofit Internet law group, believes that preventing other customers from using FaceTime violates net neutrality rules by blocking a service that competes with its own.

AT&T has denied violating Net Neutrality, and was forced to allow Skype over 3G after the FCC got involved. Sprint last month committed to no additional charges for 3G FaceTime access. Verizon, however, is said to be unable to hinder FaceTime over cellular as a result of a net neutrality promise to the FCC.

Comment Re:Procrastination (Score 2) 225

Yes, Apple has created a Mac App Store to sell apps, and showcase some "Best of" apps. It is not exclusive, and you can still download and install apps the normal way. Apple has gotten stricter, requiring anyone who wants their app listed in the store to use sandboxing to prevent security holes in the OS. That's what this story is about.

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