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Comment Re:Telnet (Score 2) 179

Actually, most schools require an Official school email address. This guarantees the uptime from the faculty's point of view; you can't claim you never got the assignment or that you turned it in on time and nothing was there. It's also important for them from a liability standpoint; my Registrar will not send me any bills unless it's to my .edu account, and professors are instructed to ignore any student emails from any other domain. They're also organized by real name, so the school has a working internal directory and doesn't have to bother with LDAP.

Comment Re:So... (Score 3, Informative) 69

The Justice and Development party is not pushing for a theocracy, they're less extreme than the Republican party in the US. Yes, they'd like their new democracies to reflect Islamic values, just as most Americans want the US to reflect Christian values. Heck, Tunisia's new electoral winners, the Ennahda party, won't even ban alcohol. You're falling for the FUD.

Comment Re:As usual... (Score 2) 48

Why is the troll getting modded up?

Look, the UN has made some glaring mistakes in the past, but overall, in 50 years it's averted several wars and organized the international community to usher in new public health practices and economic cooperation. It's peacekeeper efforts are successful most of the time, and its humanitarian assistance in places like Haiti saved plenty of lives. Net positives.

Comment Re:Apple is the 1970s computer maker (Score 5, Interesting) 392

So, you believe Apple is a bunch of fascists, and for that reason they killed one of their programming languages? Baloney. Steve Jobs was the one on stage at NeXT showing how even a child could write GUI apps. He made XCode free and bundled it with every boxed copy of OS X back in 2001 when Microsoft required a paid dev account.

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