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Comment Re: The system worked (Score 1) 470

An old report from a conservative group. As I've said, I've been to many mosques and none have such literature. My mosque is disgusted by such stuff and so is the community. After this article came out, many mosques looked on their library shelves and threw away such dusty publications. They have no relevance to our community not reflect any American Muslim views.

Don't take my word for it, go visit a mosque for yourself.

Comment Re: The system worked (Score 1) 470

Boston could not have been prevented by the Muslim community. Dhohar never really attended any mosques, and his older brother didn't share his ideas with anyone at the mosque. You'll recall the only witness accounts at the mosque of his being there state he was thrown out of one for yelling and distrusting the sermon. (It was a sermon on how we Muslims should act more like Marting Luther King Jr.) The leader, Imam Suhaib Webb, threw his full support behind the Boston police.

Again, we're talking about the American Muslim community, which doesn't tolerate Wahhabism. I've been to dozens of mosques in a number of states and have yet to see any Wahhabism. The American Muslim community is a patriotic bunch.

Comment Re:The system worked (Score 1) 470

You're an ignorant and bigoted idiot because FBI Director Robert Mueller has credited the American Muslim community with helping catch the bad guys; over 60% of all terrorism arrests since 2001 came about by tips from the Muslim community. Wahabi literature isn't "widely available," you obviously haven't been to a single mosque and are just engaging in ignorant fearmongering.

Comment Re:Backups (Score 0) 124

Well, considering how the DEA is complaining that they can't read encrypted iMessages, and Apple got rid of google maps as default partly because google kept demanding more personallly identifying user data, I don't think we should assume Apple always rolls over on stuff like this.


Submission + - Fingernail-Sized Radar Chip Could be Used in Future Smartphones (

Zothecula writes: Research based in Frankfurt, Germany, and funded by the European Union, has resulted in a new low-cost, fingernail-sized radar chip package that could be implemented in a variety of areas, including the automotive industry, robotics and smartphones. “As far as I know, this is the smallest complete radar system in the world,” said Professor Christoph Scheytt, coordinator of the project on behalf of IHP Microelectronics in Frankfurt, Germany.

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