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Comment Re:Backups (Score 0) 124

Well, considering how the DEA is complaining that they can't read encrypted iMessages, and Apple got rid of google maps as default partly because google kept demanding more personallly identifying user data, I don't think we should assume Apple always rolls over on stuff like this.


Submission + - Fingernail-Sized Radar Chip Could be Used in Future Smartphones (

Zothecula writes: Research based in Frankfurt, Germany, and funded by the European Union, has resulted in a new low-cost, fingernail-sized radar chip package that could be implemented in a variety of areas, including the automotive industry, robotics and smartphones. “As far as I know, this is the smallest complete radar system in the world,” said Professor Christoph Scheytt, coordinator of the project on behalf of IHP Microelectronics in Frankfurt, Germany.

Comment Baloney (Score 1) 347

Of course they'll approve it. It's a highly popular app, and when Apple turned down the Google Voice app, the FTC investigated them and Apple had to immediately reverse itself.

The lack of Google Maps apps in the App Store is probably because of TOS issues. Third Party iOS apps can't use google maps for turn by turn directions according to Google's restrictions to developers, so that excludes Google's APIs

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