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Comment Balance? (Score 2, Informative) 372

Ah, so you block the New York Times and Washington Post for posting 'traitorous' documents, but are they still rebroadcasting 'patriotic' Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity in Iraq for the troops?

The military has a special TV and radio service called AFRTS that replays shows for troops overseas, but there's been accusations of bias for years (eg all conservative shows but no liberal ones)

Comment Re:This Is Real Hacktivism (Score 1) 361

How does withdrawing completely from Gaza, constitute expansionism?

Withdrawing from Gaza was a long and difficult process that took decades, it finally happened when the pragmatists managed to overpower the right-wingers, Zionists, and settlers in government and get some real change in the hopes of reducing international pressure and changing the dynamic to favor keeping the West Bank settlements. It was a good step, but one example does not mean there's no such thing as expansionism; did you see the massive protest within Israel while it took place? Heck, even Sharon himself insisted on keeping West Bank settlements and expanding them while he took the Gaza ones away; Netanyahu has soured US-Israel relations with his refusal to stop construction in West Bank.

Moreover, considering there was an unbroken Jewish presence in that area dating back thousands of years, are you sure it isn't the Muslims who are expansionist? You don't hear a single Jew talking about driving the Arabs into the sea. Ever. Yet it's the subject of daily programming in the Arab world, even shows aimed at kids.

Muslims would be expansionist if they were trying to make Israel part of Jordan or Egypt, but they're not. The issue is the living Palestinian families who were evicted forcibly from their land or fled from the fighting and even have their house keys from 1948. Jewish claims to the land from millenia ago are hard to balance with the idea that living people were forcibly evicted without compensation. Meanwhile, you clearly haven't been reading right-wing Israeli/Zionist/Jewish newspapers, ranting about the Ha'avrim (Arabs) and how they should be all expelled into neighboring countries like Jordan. The New Yorker did extended interviews with Israeli settlers who are pressuring the government into doing it. Have you listened to right-wing Israeli minister Avigdor Liberman?

Sorry. The Jews are a few million, surrounded by hundreds of millions of Arabs. Whose really the small fish? The Jews just want to be left the fuck alone.

So the Jews are David and the Arabs are Goliath? Arabs look at it as the Palestinians are David, and the Israelis are Goliath. I think even the Palestinians say they want to just be left alone. There's blame to go around.

Comment Re:This Is Real Hacktivism (Score 1) 361

I call strawman on that. Nobody has ever made the claim that Iran feels threatened that Israel will colonize their land. They are however worried that Israel will bomb their country or aid and abet terrorists who are trying to overthrow the government (like Mohajiden-e-Khalq who bomb civilians). Hypothetically, if Iran were to get a nuke then it would probably cut down on a lot of these Israeli belligerent actions e.g. threatening to nuke Iran, openly talking about bombing sites in Iran, aiding groups like the PKK who attack Iran, etc. (Granted both countries have been aggressive to one another in at least words, but since Israel is the one with nukes, it has more impunity)

You're trying to redefine the conflict using narrow terms. Israel is involved in South Lebanon now to contain the Hizbullah threat, after they had to publicly break their policy and muzzle the right-wingers who claimed that South Lebanon was part of Greater Israel. Remember when Israel withdrew from South Lebanon under Sharon? I'm not surprised the Lebanese don't trust Israel when they say they're done with trying to claim the land, especially when there are Israelis who insist Israel should annex South Lebanon like they do for Golan Heights. Maybe you're trying to convince the wrong people, go get the Lebanese on board with your view that Israel is not malicious.

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