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Comment Re:Disgousting behaviour (Score 4, Insightful) 560

The government is not in charge of your healthcare and never has been. Your doctor is in charge of your healthcare. The government put itself in charge of paying for it for a big chunk of the population, but you can always say no and pay for it yourself if you please.

Politifiact called the claim that the ACA was a "government takeover of healthcare" as "Lie of the Year"

Comment Not the first time (Score 1) 1

The First time? No. Apple used to routinely Livestream all the MacWorld events. I watched them unveil the iBook in 1999 on a Quicktime 4 stream while on a 56k modem.

Apple only stopped livestreaming after there was a planned protest at the European expo about 10 years ago that was going to derail the keynote. I'm sure Apple didn't mind too much, since the huge numbers of viewers was doubtless a big strain on their servers. I'm quite happy they brought the livestreams back though.


Submission + - All five Star Trek Captains together ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Just after half past seven on the evening of Friday 19th November, history was made at the Destination Star Trek London event at the capital's ExCel centre; when Captains Archer (Scott Bakula), Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), Sisko (Avery Brooks), Picard (Patrick Stewart) and James T. Kirk (William Shatner) appeared together on a European stage for the first time.

This momentous event, which had occurred just once before, at the Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia, USA in June, not only lived up to the expectations of fans who had dreamed of this moment for years, but exceeded them by a good light-year.

[Recap of the event at the link]

Comment Re:Will Zimmerman get justice? (Score 1) 848

Baloney. The reason the story became national news was because a white guy chased down an unarmed black kid despite cops saying not to, shot him dead, and the police let him go with not even an arrest. That was what made it a headline. Had the roles been reversed, I doubt Martin would have gotten off so easy.


Submission + - Leaving your email in the Cloud isn't Electronic Storage (

Ibhuk writes: As many users of email, especially Gmail with the ever expanding storage limit, I leave my email stored online. I don't bother downloading every email I receive. According to the South Carolina Supreme Court this isn't electronic storage. This means most email users are not protected by the Stored Communications Act. All your emails are fair game so be careful what you write.

Submission + - Coming Next: TSA Taser Bracelets? (

CaVp writes: From the article: "The TSA’s security policies are getting more and more bizarre, from testing people’s drinks for explosives to ordering all travelers to freeze on command, but could a frightening policy that was seriously explored by the DHS be resurrected – forcing people to wear taser bracelets that would deliver an electric shock if they got out of line?" Fox coverage here.

Imagine a nutjob with a radio transmitter tuned to the bracelet radio frequency... instant bacon!...

United States

Submission + - Why Isn't Election Day a National Holiday? ( 4

pigrabbitbear writes: "Voting is a pain in the ass. First of all, there are lines, unpredictable lines that leave some out in the November cold while they’re waiting to do their civic duty. Then, with all of these new voter ID laws popping up, there’s all kinds of red tape. “Do I need to bring my Social Security card?” you might ask yourself. “How about my passport, a copy of my most recent utility bill, an expired library card? What’s it take to prove you’re American these days?” And inevitably, you’re going to miss some work since Election Day is always a Tuesday. For salaried employees, this is probably just annoying — or a relief depending on how much you like your job. But for hourly employees, this means lost wages. So in a way, you have to pay to vote. No wonder voter turnout is so low."

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