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Comment Re:ya, the IRS site is up and running (Score 1) 565

Thus shuttering the buildings in preparation for an extended year long shutdown would be premature, it would be a waste of money if things are back up again in a month.

Nobody knows how long the shutdown will last, which is why things are shut down to begin with.

And you can't just say "Oh, just mothball it for a few days, things will be fine" because not only is the money not there, the budget isn't there. Congress can constitutionally do whatever it wants with federal money (hence the shutdown), so even if Congress decides the overall shutdown is "over" it can still decide that particular agencies and departments get drastically reduced (or no) funds for '14. This is what budgets are all about.

Thus they still pay for the security guards of the buildings and a skeleton staff.

They're protecting real, government-owned assets. They'd be doing the same regardless of whether the buildings, et al would be used again or sold off.

Comment Game Boy successors get updates too (Score 1) 348

I can't see the average gameboy putting up with having to wait while his Steam Machine updates yet again.

Funny you mentioned the Game Boy. Both the Nintendo DSi and the Nintendo 3DS, the successors to the Game Boy line, get operating system updates. I don't own one, so I can't tell you how frequent they are.

Comment Re:over before it began (Score 1) 348

sharing (share games with friends with the new steam family share plan)

The problem with sharing is that you lend your entire library at once. When you log back in, the other user is kicked out even if playing a different game. Besides, what do you do if you want to play a multiplayer game with someone else living in or visiting your home?

Comment What's a better cross-platform platform? (Score 1) 84

Guys, stop trying to turn the browser into a platform.

Then what's a better platform for developers who want to reach users of Windows, OS X, desktop Linux, Android, iOS, Windows RT, Windows Phone, and the game consoles? Making a program work on more than one platform requires severe modifications, sometimes including translation of every line of code into a different programming language. Windows Phone 7 and Xbox Live Indie Games, for example, couldn't run anything but verifiably type-safe .NET CF CIL. And all except the first four require permission from the operating system publisher before your code will even run, and said permission is not guaranteed.

Comment Make that two: POSIX and X11 (Score 1) 84

Then that makes two open specs that must be implemented: POSIX and X11. But you have a point that right now the only notable environments that focus on implementing these specs are desktop Linux and the free *BSDs. OS X, while based in part on FreeBSD, is not a free *BSD and no longer includes XQuartz as a standard feature.

Comment Like the Wii or the 7800 (Score 2) 348

300 titles at launch would still be better than any other console in the history of videogames.

Any other? The Wii could be upgraded to run every GameCube game for about $30.* It printed money. The Game Boy Advance had every Game Boy and Game Boy Color game, and the DS had every Game Boy Advance game. They too printed money. On the other hand, the Atari 7800 had every Atari 2600 game. It bombed.

* Playing GameCube games on a Wii required a used controller and a used memory card.

Comment Re:Obligatory XKCD (Score 5, Funny) 120

Doc: Bye, Marty! Yaaa hoooo! It worked! It worked! I sent him out of the solar system!

Marty McVoyager in a different shirt runs up behind him: Doc! I'm back.

Doc: Guuuuuuuuuhhhhhh!!!!!

Marty: I'm back. I'm back from interstellar space!

Doc: Great Scott! It must be the interstellar flux transit event capacitor!

Comment There are better NES emulators (Score 1) 348

Why run Nesticle in DOSBox, an emulator in an emulator, when much better NES emulators such as FCEUX and Nestopia are ported to desktop Linux? It got to the point where some newly produced NES games have to detect Nesticle (which takes four lines of 6502 assembly language) and throw up a warning screen that Nesticle's inaccuracies may affect game performance.

Comment GNOME is 10 months older than free Qt (Score 1) 165

You're thinking of the KDE Free Qt Foundation, which didn't come about until June 1998 (source). It was under a GPL-incompatible license until Qt/X11 was released sometime in 2000. (The archived press release appears to have vanished in the transition from Nokia to Digia.) GNOME began in August 1997, and this article from September 2000 states that it was explicitly to work around the non-free status of Qt at the time.

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