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United States

Submission + - New Intelligence Chairman Needs Intelligence

SunniKay writes: "The incoming House Intelligence Chairman seems to be lacking in the intelligence needed to fulfill his duties in overseeing the United States intelligence agencies. When asked if Al Qaeda was Sunni or Shia he gave the wrong answer, and when asked what Hezbollah was wanted to know why he was being asked this type of question after 5 PM and if he could answer in Spanish.

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A very small blurb from the article:
"Reyes stumbled when I asked him a simple question about al Qaeda at the end of a 40-minute interview in his office last week. Members of the Intelligence Committee, mind you, are paid $165,200 a year to know more than basic facts about our foes in the Middle East.""
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - BIG disappointment for Trekkies everywhere

NccWarp9 writes: What was the last good Star Trek game anyone on the planet has played? It seams that people that are trying to create Star Trek games are ruining them on purpose. One such example of late is Star Trek Legacy. I waited a long time for some decent ST game but Star Trek Legacy but it absolutely fail to live up to any expectation. I even dare to say it is the worst ST game ever. Or, this may be an overstatement as there are worst ST games out there.

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