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Comment Re:The reason why it's a threat is... (Score 1) 467

...because MS Office can't continue adding new features forever. They'll try, but eventually their software will plateau and stabilize into an Office suite that has all of the features anybody would ever want. And then it will take OO a few years to duplicate all of those features and then it'll be a real threat. OO will always be a few years behind, until MS Office stops changing.

I think the usefulness of introducing incompatible binary file formats as a way to force corporate upgrades is over for MS. And really, what new features that will be generally used could possibly be left to introduce? That leaves UI changes (hated by the established user base) and bug fixes (no revenue produced, so WGAS?). All MS has left is the delivery model since that can be tied to the "new" cloud-based version of MS Windows and Google seems to be all over that. But over time, the traditional version of MS Office will yield to OO because of economic and OS-dependency issues. Microsoft needs a new business model or it will die.

Comment Re:Open Office... (Score 1) 467

I'm using open office on my core machine now... and so far it basically sucks donkey balls.

I don't have "donkey balls" installed here so I can't observe the effect when I use OO. Is "donkey balls" some kind of Windows look-and-feel emulator or win32 file-compatability app? Please post your link to "donkey balls".

Comment MS Cannot "Infiltrate" Open Source (Score 1) 467

MS has free and open access to all FOSS code and is free to scan the Internet with Bing to its hearts content searching for discussions of FOSS and all its projects. It's not like FOSS is doing anything that needs to be hidden. Where MS wields power is through political influence in government and trade groups, power FOSS generally lacks or lacks the skill to exploit as effectively as MS because in those arenas, it is always about the money.

So having MS involved in FOSS stuff is typically no big deal. Well, except for Miguel "Judas" de Icaza.

Comment Re:Sadly, another easily preventable tragedy... (Score 1) 839

On the other hand, perhaps it is time to ditch the RED/YELLOW/GREEN system altogether, and come up with something more effective.

I've always advocated a cop in a tower with a sniper rifle who would shoot people who run red lights. It's one of the few instances where the death penalty would truly act as a deterrent. I, myself, would probably never again drive a car just to avoid the possibility of getting shot. Look at how green that would be! Think of the whales we could save . . .

Comment Make WinXP look like KDE; Make GNOME look like . (Score 5, Informative) 580

Make WinXP look like KDE

Make GNOME look like WinXP

Make WinXP look likeUbuntu

Make WinXP look like Enlightenment

Make Linux look like Win95

It all makes my head hurt.

Comment I'm beginning to understand how your ISP feels. (Score 3, Insightful) 539

They're also denying me KVM access, unless I pay $35.00 for it, so I can go in and fix the networking they changed when they moved my drive to a completely different chassis without my knowledge or approval.

Since you are not disclosing the ISP name so we can examine their TOS or contracts to see who's really being the jerk here and learn enough actually help you, pay the $35/day just to recover/delete your data if you need to and find another host that suits you.

Otherwise STFU; I'm beginning to understand how your ISP feels.

Comment Re:You're complicating things. (Score 1) 539

And $35 isn't that much to pay. Surely you're paying several times that per month for the hosting, and if not, their margins are thin enough that you can't expect them to jump through whatever hoops your paranoia requires.

Agreed. Quit your damn whining, pony up $35 and fix you machine. If you can't fix it, remove any "confidential" information or encrypt it, give them root access an let _them_ try to fix it. Over the long run, find an ISP that offers support on terms you find acceptable and change ISPs; you'll both be happier.

Comment Re:Still waiting for a Total Commander equivalent (Score 1) 311

(Midnight Commander is excellent in a console, and should be part of the base install of every distro)

yes. Yes! YES!! I install it on every machine I admin. I use it in an xterm on the desktop; it's much better that those GNOME/KDE GUI file managers. I wish that distros would put the statically linked slimmed-down version on their rescue disks.

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