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Comment Re:Prepare for Slashdotters... (Score 1) 183

'Once a liar, always a liar'.

Lovely quote for someone defending the idea of US help. The US sold supplies to both sides until Germany declared war on the US and even after that the US continued to supply Germany through 3rd parties. Britain on the other hand did not charge for the help that it gave to its allies. The US, as always, saw the war as a way to get rich. That is very different from the picture painted by people like GW who spoke about the US (he said 'America' but Canada did offer genuine help) saving Europe. Without the US, the Germans had still lost. The US servicemen did do a lot and to them we are grateful but the politicians who steal credit for things that they do not deserve are scum.

Comment Re: Terrorist? (Score 3, Interesting) 242

Mandella really was a terrorist. He was arrested while in the possession of 48,000 Soviet-made anti-personnel mines, 210,000 hand-grenades and loads of other explosives. He was blowing shit up and was about to blow up the railway station. He was sent to prison and frequently offered release if he would renounce terrorism. He consistently refused. His wife of the time used to like to tie children to street lamps and put car tyres around their necks which she then filled with petrol and set the poor child alight.

He had a change of heart and became a man of peace. Would Bin Laden have been so readily forgiven?

Comment Re:Prepare for Slashdotters... (Score 1) 183

Where are you from that had the US kick out the Germans? I am European so I remember that the British and the Russians did far more and that the Americans turned up late as usual with the beer and pizza. If you had actually spoken to people who fought you would have heard them tell you the the yanks were a liability as they were green. They ran from the fight and did not defend their allies. The main thing that they were good at was taking credit for what everyone else had done. They were a minority at Normandy but they took the majority of the credit as usual.

Comment Tiniest violin (Score 5, Insightful) 292

They burned too many customers with "enterprise" devices that'd fail almost immediately, then treating the customers like shit when they did.

They bet too heavily on high performance, while not maintaining the kind of behavior that would bring back the customers who want devices like that.

The reason Dell and HP can get away with burning customers is simple: there's always another person who needs a cheap laptop.

Not many people need a new PCIe SSD.

Good riddance.

Comment Re: Steve Gibson is a... (Score 1) 234

I also think that the system is overreliant on a person having a smart phone. I often go places without one and am seriously considering getting a dumb phone for private use (weekends and evenings). This system would not work for me or the millions of other people that do not want or do not have one. If a system relies on a phone, how is this better than current systems that send me a OTP on any mobile using basic SMS. It is more complex but not more reliable as the weak link is regarding who has your phone.

Comment Re:Why do we bother with the barbarians? (Score 1) 537

Have you any idea how much it costs to wage war? Do you know who gets those profits? Dick Cheney is always a big winner but the list is nearly all members of GW's friends. It does not matter about the oil, just keep dropping those bombs and those making the decisions will continue to get richer while the plebs die or go bankrupt trying to pay for their healthcare.

Comment Re:Dissident Speech (Score 4, Insightful) 281

Lastly, can I be the first to point out that Popular science has very little to do with science and hasn't in well over 50 years? They are to Science what the Enquirer is to hard news sites. ... which makes people that care about Popular Science's move sound even more out of touch. People making a big deal out of this mystify me.

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