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Comment Re:Why do we bother with the barbarians? (Score 1) 537

Have you any idea how much it costs to wage war? Do you know who gets those profits? Dick Cheney is always a big winner but the list is nearly all members of GW's friends. It does not matter about the oil, just keep dropping those bombs and those making the decisions will continue to get richer while the plebs die or go bankrupt trying to pay for their healthcare.

Comment Re:Dissident Speech (Score 4, Insightful) 281

Lastly, can I be the first to point out that Popular science has very little to do with science and hasn't in well over 50 years? They are to Science what the Enquirer is to hard news sites. ... which makes people that care about Popular Science's move sound even more out of touch. People making a big deal out of this mystify me.

Comment Re:Piracy rationalizations in 3... 2... 1... (Score 1) 348

So we are not talking about copyright infringement then, OK. End of line. For the rest of those that are talking about copyright infringement my point is valid but for those that are talking about deception I accept that in that regard, as it is not theft, the term is just an oxymoron.

Comment Re:Piracy rationalizations in 3... 2... 1... (Score 1) 348

It is impossible to permanently deprive someone of a service and therefore there cannot be a theft of a service as theft involves the intention to permanently deprive the owner of the said property. That is why it always was a civil action until the people lost control of the country and big business bought the government.

I would happily stick to a fair market but I am not prepared to keep bending over for those that say I have to just because they can.

Comment Re:All well and good, but... (Score 1) 473

You are "dumb". You have nothing to say about the line of work I'm in. I am also "dumb". I have nothing to add about the line of work you're in. I don't see you as being in an ivory tower, I'm just the one who knows that I've nothing of value to add to your industry/science/line of work. Unless we work in the same fields, or related fields, in which case, I have plenty of other means of being exposed to your work, and addressing and debating any problems I may have with it. Scientists are not in ivory towers, and they don't think they're in one. All that said, there's a reason why they have offices and aren't doing work on whiteboards on the corner of the street.

If you really think a town hall meeting is a productive forum to work on highly specialized fields of domain knowledge, I'm not really sure what to say to that.

Comment Re:Taliban in Syria (Score 1) 182

I take it that you do not follow what is happening on this world. The US wants to support the rebels in Syria. That consists of the Taliban and Al Qaida. That is this planet. The Taliban is not a phenomena of one area. It has a much wider appeal. I am wasting my time trying to talk logically to some AC school kid who thinks he has an IQ.

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