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Comment Re:After the service I got on the ipad1 to ios5 (Score 1) 537

Umm yes it does.. go read a forum.

I don't have to because if the iPad 1 to iOS5 was such a terrible experience, then the news would come to me. I wouldn't need to go looking for it. Apple is in everyone's crosshair, so any news would be all over. Haters would calling apple the worst company ever, fanboys would be defending it, and the rest of us would be laughing at both haters and fanboys.

I didn't catch your Apple Employee ID by the way.. what number was it? jeeze loser

I know that lately slashdot users have become fans of the ad hominem arguments. I expected the moment I slightly defende apple to be called a shill. Unfortunately for you, I neither work for apple nor care about apple as much as you want to imply. So, suck it.

In another post you did a google search and and used that as an argument towards your point which is "ipad 1 suck/crashes if you install ios5." I did something similar. I searched for "ipad 2 crash ios5." Here are the results. Following your logic, ipad 2 sucks with iOS5 too!! omg, someone called the press...

Comment Re:PrtSc (Score 4, Informative) 537

But Apple fans should find a way to say that having that DPI is better.

I believe there are a few android devices that have their DPI very close to the iphone 4/4s. I'm pretty sure there's at least one that is higher. Anyway, there is a reason why having a higher DPI is better. It makes everything A LOT clearer. Text becomes much easier to read. This picture compares the iPhone 3GS and an iPhone 4. If you can't see the difference or why one is better, then you should check your eyesight.

Comment Re:After the service I got on the ipad1 to ios5 (Score 4, Insightful) 537

I use my ipad 1 everyday. I updated it to iOS 5 the day it was out. Your personal experience does not mean everyone has the same experience.

I'm not sure why your post was modded insightful either. If all ipad 1 were having problems and this was all over the net, then I could see how something like "apple cripples their old products, so screw them" would be a good argument against the evil company. A personal experience + a nonexistent widespread problem is not.

Comment Re:Turned it into a Run & Gun - Rambo type gam (Score 2) 171

the squad system is hidden
I'm not sure what you are talking about, the squad system is right there, it's not hard to get into one or switch to another one.

there is no squad leader, no squad way points, no intrasquad commands
There is a squad leader it has a star next to their name. They can order what to defend and or what to attack, so yes there are intrasquad commands. way points are gone unfortunately, but I don't think anyone was using them.

no squad based VOIP
There is squad based VOIP.

and no commander
The commander abilities are now spread over the several classes. This is better as sometimes the commander wouldn't do anything.

I played on teamplay BF3 servers, made no difference.
I'm not entirely sure what you mean with teamplay servers.. if you are talking about "team deadmatch" then you probably want to stay away from it. Team deadmatch has only one objective, kill the other team. This is usually easier accomplished by doing the run and gun type of play.

Sure BF2 wasn't always a team play game, but it happened if you fell into the right group of folks.
Same with BF3, if you want team play you need the right group of players. This has been a problem with the BF franchise since the BF1942 days and I doubt it's going away ever...

Comment Re:Not sure I like this game much (Score 1) 171

For reference, I really liked Battlefield 2: Bad Company, and even Battlefield 1942 (playing both on a PS3).

The one on PS3 was BF1943 not 1942. I've played all of them. I had bf 1942, bf2, and bf 2142 on the pc. Then I stopped caring about PC games much and played mostly on consoles. Dying at the drop of a hat even when you are in a squad is a symptom of a crappy squad and some bad luck. There are a few things that could help:
1. Learn where the sniper nests are. There are usually a few places that the snipers will usually look for, once you find them stay away from their line of sight. It's not that hard once you know where the bullets are coming from and where to take cover from them.
2. Being in a squad doesn't mean anything unless the rest of the players are also playing with a team mentality. If they are just playing Rambo style, then even if you help them you are going to get killed too. Also, before respawning one of your teammates make sure they are not being attacked and that they are behind cover else you could spawn and die.
3. If you are playing assault with a medic role, then stay behind your squad. that way if htey die, you probably wont. IF they die, check if hte killer(s) is near their bodies. If he is then either surprise attack him and then revive your squadmates or stay behind and not get killed so that your teammates can respawn on you. 4. Try to attack from the sides (unless you are defending). And if you are playing support behind friendly lines, then check to the sides and back regularly or you are going to get killed from behind.

All in all, I do agree with you in that it can be too much happening. It can be overwhelming for those that don't understand what is happening. But once you understand what is going on, it's actually a lot of fun.

Comment Re:iOS (Score 1) 364

On the other hand, OSX is atrociously tied to the mouse.
No it's not.. In fact, I'll say that it's quite the opposite. It helps to know the shortcuts, but I get to do lots without touching the mouse.. some of hte most important shortcuts are:
- cmd-space (opens spotlight) Spotlight can be used as an application luncher and/or find specific files
- cmd-q (quit current program)
- cmd-w (close current window)
- while typing, pretty much if not almost all the applications allow for a few of the emacs shortcuts. For example, ctr-a to move to the front of the line, ctr-e to move to the back...

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