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Journal Journal: I hate indie snobs anyway... 3

...but this guy makes me want to climb through the monitor and smack him.

Really, if you're going to try to pull rank on 12-year-old girls, you need something in your own pocket a little better than freaking Radiohead.


Journal Journal: Funniest movie in a long time...

I'd never heard of One, Two, Three until it was on TCM last night -- absolutely hilarious. I agree with the IMDB reviewer who said: "This, and not Doctor Strangelove, is the supreme satire of the Cold War."

I guess it was filmed right before the Berlin Wall was built; I'd never seen the Brandenburg Gate area without the wall.

Sun Microsystems

Journal Journal: Damn firewall.... 1

Apparently that's what causes Pandora to keep skipping at work.

Fortunately, Pandora is so effective in capturing the exquisiteness of my musical taste that it skipped from Here I Go Again to Rock Rock (Till You Drop) to Bad Medicine. Strength to strength, so to speak.


Journal Journal: Comment of the day

A lot of amusing stuff on the BSA stories from today, where Zonk dupes news from 2003 and Taco dupes that an hour later.

Winner, though is pete-classic and friends, on "Wearable Motion Capture". Planet, schmanet, Janet!

Silicon Graphics

Journal Journal: Comment of the (long, long time)

Bluesman, on the Theory of Everything. I don't even especially like XKCD, but that comment is up there in all-time-/. territory.

The other classic aspect of that article was how the author of the paper shows up (with a 168K uid and CmdrTaco-grade spelling) and rakes in a mere handful of mod points.

The story itself is delightful, though. I read the paper, had no idea what any of it meant and printed it out so maybe my wife can explain it to me.


Journal Journal: Comet Holmes

I finally figured out where that new comet is. Honestly, for all the fuss about it I was expecting something like Hale-Bopp, not a faint, diffuse blur.

It looks a lot like the supernova enemy in Maelstrom, though. I got in my binoculars and my first reaction was to spin and shoot it before Orion sped up and clocked me.


Journal Journal: Atheists can turn anything into a flamefest... 7

Actually, I'd resigned myself to that point when a story here a few weeks ago on Monster Cables sparked a lengthy flamewar on religion. But I still would have been hard pressed to have figured how one could get from:


Its hard to believe that people still believe there are gods to this day. But, it doesn't surprise me, because think of the power religious groups have.

I do like:

Next thing you know someone will blow up the thread with a suicide post, and TDWTF will go to war with Slashdot.


Journal Journal: Hey, I loved Nick van Exel! 1

I was a huge fan of him since one of his first games on the Lakers, when he tried to drive right over Karl Malone. I look stupid in basketball jerseys, otherwise I'd own one too.

That said, Straight Cash, Homey! is still pretty funny. Who the hell wears a Rae Carruth jersey?

But this is a hockey fan! A mullet and a Scott Daniels Whalers jersey!?!

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