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Comment Re:What... like a pcDuino? (Score 1) 59

The implementation is such that the devil in the details will be banished; but replaced by the devil in communicating with the details:

The Arduino work-a-like should be perfect, since the 'Arduino' half of the system is provided by exactly the same Atmel SAM3X8E as the Arduino Due, with the same I/O headers and so forth. The Freescale Cortex-A9 half of the board can communicate with the Atmel side; but has no role in attempting to emulate Arduino anything.

However, because of that, it's architecturally just a reasonably speed ARM board with an Arduino connected to it. Smaller footprint, because the two systems share a board; but software running on the Cortex-A9 side of things will just see a USB device of whatever flavor the Arduino is providing(they used to be USB serial only; but I think they can emulate HID devices and possibly a few other things now as well). The two processors don't share a memory space, or have automagic access to one another's peripherals, or anything of that nature.

Comment Re:What?! (Score 1) 73

It also seems to rely on the(severely dubious) assumption that Google's disclosure will have much of an effect, on anything aside from how slow the vendor looks, for 'actively exploited unpatched vulnerabilities'.

This isn't a 'Hey, we found a bug that nobody else knows about yet, we are going to release it just for giggles!' situation. Clock. Is. Already. Ticking. Google's 'deadline' may be the one at which you start looking increasingly incompetent in public; but the deadline at which everyone running your software started to be in danger has already passed, and was set by somebody else, over which neither you nor Google have any control.

That's what I don't understand about this 'argument'. Sure, in a hypothetical world where Google alone controls the time at which a vulnerability becomes known and exploited, there might be room for argument about how much time they should grant. This isn't that world.

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 376

Please check out my other comment about our consumerist society. Our self-esteem comes quite directly from our ability to buy things.

This is our society. We can't change it today or tomorrow. Now explain how you can raise a child with good moral strength and peace of mind without also having any level of financial security and stability. There is more to building a person than education. In fact, I have seen and known some extremely educated people who haven't a clue about how to live.

I actually have three sons. Each of them have had as much as I could give them. The first two graduated with honors under the IB program and on. My little one has even more of my attention. I'm very conscious of what it takes to raise a child. I don't do home schooling because I have to bring money home. But all homework and all in-class work is reviewed and discussed when he gets home and I am in very close contact with the teachers. I'm not making excuses -- I'm telling you what I'm doing because I do as much as I can. And I'm not consumerist personally and so far, neither are my children. But social skills and the ability to function in society is extremely important.

The alternative? It's hard to imagine without living on public assistance.

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 4, Interesting) 376

I realize this is a troll, but there is some truth to this... SOME.

Smart people do not have children they can't raise in a good healthy environment and can't properly give them all the things they need as they grow and graduate into adulthood.

Unfortunately, we have far too many non-smart people. Both rich and poor, they have children they can't or won't care for. Both end up spoiled and neglected and this has been going on for 2-3 generations now. Under these conditions, the results are more than predictable. And the poor become a drain on society.

Now if this notion were followed through and actually happened? Well, that'd be another problem entirely. We need a middle class and we don't have one. The rich send our jobs everywhere else but here and they are slowly running out of people they can sell their crap to. Do you know how poor people are getting their cell phones now? Government subsidized service. Seriously. Welfare mobile phones. And of course they are on welfare everything else as well.

Most of us here on slashdot don't really know what it's like to be poor and on welfare. I've had unfortunate times, though, and I know it all too well. To me it was a nightmare, but most of them were extremely comfortable in their misery. Extremely comfortable.

Shit lost a healthy balance long ago. There is no limit on greed and no limit on laziness. Why there is a dwindling middle-class is partly because they have lowered the measure of what middle-class is and largely because of wealth distribution problems. Like global warming, I think we've gone too far already.

"we live in interesting times."

Comment The USA is a consumer society (Score 4, Interesting) 376

In the USA, it is all about credit (the ability to go into debt for the purpose of buying things) and what you have bought. When we see each other, we assess largely on what they are wearing, driving or have in their possession. Additionally, every time we hear about rich people in trouble or otherwise doing something stupid, we instictively react with "I thought they were [better than us]!!" It's not the presumption that they are just like anyone else and often times dumber, it's the opposite because we pedestrians have been taught to succeed we must be smart or skilled and to work hard. Interestingly, those are the characteristics which keep those "valuable human capital assets" in the trenches where they belong.

All the money circulates around consumerism. That is where the money is. That is what people study to join in to get a share of.

Yes, this is NOT a sustainable model. This is why we are in trouble now.

Comment Re:FTA (Score 1) 302

Not troll.

There are laws in the books in California about the rules of hot pursuits. If, for example, they are suspected of having done something with a gun or are otherwise already a danger to society, they can chase. If they are illegal immigrants, don't chase. That they didn't name the suspect's crime suggests that they either didn't know what they were being chased for or that it was something which did not warrant such a chase. Either way, giving chase was very likely an inappropriate response by the police.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 286

1. So far it's been marketed more successfully and therefore exists on most HD devices

That'd be about it.

On the plus side, the devices that are HDMI only are also unlikely to be sufficiently new and powerful to provide 4k output, and the scaling from the 1080 they do provide is a trivial 1->4, so there should be no unpleasant artifacts.

The only real losers are the (relatively thin) slice of HDMI 1.4 capable PC video cards, which are capable of pushing 4k pixels; but only at low refresh rates. Anything earlier than 1.4 won't handle that resolution at all, and anything that isn't a PC(home theatre type devices) isn't going to be providing more than 1080p anyway, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Comment Re:But can you play Crysis on it? (Score 2) 286

The question is... what content will take advantage of this? Most consumable content is at 1080p and I've yet to see a game which can run at these resolutions yet alone the newest Cryengine.

If you can't hear your card screaming for air right now, you probably don't own a video card that can handle it; but most reasonably modern engines are flexible on resolution. The drop-down menu may not present the option, if it's something odd; but some bodging around with .ini files or command line options can usually be made to happen.

I'm sure some games just don't ship with the texture assets to fully do justice; but unless the textures the engine uses even for right-in-your-face distances are truly dreadful, it should be possible to get noticable improvement over 1080p.

Photos/editing are one obvious area that would benefit: even the '4k' screen is only 8.2 megapixels. Even cheap happy-snap cameras dump pictures that large(some of them may have lower effective resolutions because their optics suck; but somebody buying a several-thousand-dollar screen is probably also in the market for a real camera, if that's their thing).

While mundane, text should also look pretty nice: 30 inches is a lot of real space, to have multiple documents tiled, and 140ppi is on the high side for desktop panels, so fonts should look really good.

If anything, team video and their 'consumable content' are probably last in terms of readiness.

Comment Re:Analog hole (Score 5, Informative) 172

The TSA would NEVER use a scanning device without the ability to record and save the data. Take it from a former screener. *I KNOW* (caveat, I never used one of these backscatter machines as an operator... they weren't in airports when I was a screener.)

Every one of the X-Ray devices I operated had the ability to save and could even print images. And to me it made sense. Evidence. Once I saw a human torso come through. I couldn't resist printing the image. We did not open the containers... Another time, a loaded pistol passed through in an inappropriate container. A screening supervisor felt confident that he could remove the pistol and unload it. I didn't feel uncomfortable about it -- I'm okay around guns. He obviously knew what he was doing as well. But people freaked out just the same. The image was saved.

If you wanted to be able to prove something, a picture is better than testimony. What makes anyone believe the TSA when they say they aren't saving the images?!

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