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Comment Re:Lets just go all the way here for a bit... (Score 1) 354

I would say that Python and Lisp at least are both reasonably strongly-typed (just because they're dynamic doesn't mean they can't be strong). PHP and Perl are both definitely weakly typed. The others I don't know well enough to evaluate.

But at this point I honestly don't know what people really mean when they complain that X language doesn't have pointers. Because basically everything out there offers something like Java references. Are people really missing pointer arithmetic? How often do you need that?

Comment Re: Citation Needed (Score 1) 354

However, it sure would reduce cognitive load to not switch languages between browser and server ends.

I have heard one argument I find somewhat convincing, which is that using a single language means that if requirements change or people discover a better way to do something, it's possible to move or share code between client and server side without rewriting it. If you do something on the server side now and then say "hey, we'll get more responsiveness if we put it client-side", you can just move that function to the client side and call it.

Not being a web dev, I can't actually evaluate this claim with high confidence, but it sounds somewhat plausible at least.

Comment Re:the return of the Start button (Score 1) 505

But if you're in one of the instances where you're trying to access a program that you don't use very often, and don't remember the exact name of it, the hierarchical menu is light years beyond the start screen.

The Win8 start screen -- IMO that's essentially unusable. (You could make it usable if you put in a bunch of effort to arrange tiles the way you want, but it'd take a while.)

But: there's an "all apps" view or something in Windows 8 that basically gives you a flat presentation of the start menu, including grouping icons by what folder they're in (in the start menu) and showing the name of that folder.

I don't know which is better -- start menu or all apps -- as I basically never use either. In fact, I forget how to open the all apps screen. But I suspect that about the worst you could say about Win8 is that it's reasonably competitive there. I'm with vux984: the Windows Vista/7 start menu is really bad at just navigating through. It's too short, it's too narrow, if you open the wrong folder you have to click it again to re-collapse it, etc.

Comment Re:Start button? (Score 1) 505

To be fair, the start menu was never that great. It was just better than what came before and went through a couple of improvements (and several worsenings) over its lifetime.

Actually I'm one of those people who think that it never went through a worsening, at least until now. There were certain aspects that I don't like about some of the changes (e.g. with Vista & 7 it's harder to browse because of the limited size), but I think each of the changes was a significant plus overall. There haven't even been all that many changes... The most controversial I would guess would be with XP, but I really liked even that because I loved the the automatically-maintaned frequently-used programs list; XP was when I started to back off on keeping my start menu organized sanely, and with Vista I stopped entirely.

What would you consider one of the worsenings? (Other than metro.)

Comment Re:Games are Cross platform (Score 3, Informative) 505

"Increasingly", true, and I do try to support cross-platform games and will do so even more in the future, even if I primarily or only play on Windows. But it's still a looong way off from being the norm unless you're willing to restrict your game choices a lot.

Wine would open up a lot of options, but I don't really feel like messing around with it when I can just run Windows and be done with things, especially considering that some of the games I play aren't even rated all that highly on the appdb.

Comment Re:Good Changes All Around (Score 1) 505

The biggest thing is the fact that you can search all sections (Apps, Settings, Files) with a single search bar now. No more having to type, mouse-move, click, and then find the option I want!

For a while that was actually my biggest complaint about metro actually, and then I learned about Win-W, which will open the search interface set to settings (like if you pressed Win then clicked settings). Presumably there's one for files too but I never use that anyway so don't know what it is.

It's still kinda annoying and I'm glad to see that they're going back, but it's a lot better than having to mouse.

Comment Re:Speed based on heat is a feature? (Score 1) 126

A compute rate that varies with temperature would seem to be a bug, rather than a feature.

Read again: The inability to re-clock the GPU frequencies and voltages dynamically based upon load has been... The reclocking (or lack thereof) affects temperature, not is caused by it.

(Though the other responses are technically accurate, I think they miss the main point of the complaint.)

Comment Re:why replace once you have the screwdriver? (Score 1) 260

At least in my experience, Phillips heads are rather more common than flat heads, and screwdrivers are about equally common for both. Both are far, far more common than anything else.

(I'm not saying that it's hard to find others -- just that if you're at a friend's house or something and need to borrow a screwdriver, there's a decent chance they'll have several flat heads, several Phillips, and little or nothing else.)

Comment Re:I'd use blind signatures (Score 3, Interesting) 72

This is really only useful as proof that you knew something that's resistant to guessing lots of times (Like some specific description of an event, a long private key, etc).

That's still really useful, you know. For example, suppose you take a photo of some damage when you move into an apartment or something, and want a third party to be able to attest that you took it when you moved in instead of moved out.

As they explain in the FAQ, they can't really attest to the truth of something for obvious reasons, but that doesn't mean that they're only slightly useful.

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