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Comment Re:Does this apply to all athletes? (Score 1) 207

that's what the unions are for. It's not going to be hard to make a game, but the athletes will be paid for their likeness.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I don't think that a famous person should have their likeness used for anything any commercial venture wants to use it for. What if they made a baby-killing simulator and used his likeness. Shouldn't he be able to stop that?

With regards to biographies, it seems like that should fall under news/reporting and be excepted.

Hrmm.. I don't know.

Comment Re:Price Adjustment (Score 0) 330

apple gave people money back for original iphone purchases after the very early price drop. If apple will do it, it means it's possible for anyone.

(I think it was an apple store gift card, but still.. if you bought an early-release iphone, that's as good as cash)


Firefox Takes the Performance Crown From Chrome 326

diegocg writes "Recent browser benchmarks are showing surprising results: in 'a geometric mean of all four performance-based categories: Wait Times, JavaScript/DOM, HTML5/CSS3, and Hardware Acceleration,' Firefox 22 'pulls off an upset, replacing the long-time performance champion Google Chrome 27 as the new speed king.' (Other browsers benchmarked were IE10, Opera 12, and Opera Next.) With these results, and Firefox developers focusing in fixing the UI sluggishness, can this be the start of a Firefox comeback, after years of slow market share decline?"

Comment Re:While you're on ebay... (Score 1) 266

Uhh.. I think you're putting way too much into this.

The wheels can spin as fast as they want and will not create a significant amount of drag on the airplane. This means the treadmill has (virtually) no effect.

Second, the engines produce thrust regardless of whether air is going across the wings. This will generate forward movement which WILL cause air to move across the wings and generate lift. But if the air is stable, the plane will go forward, not stand still.

The whole treadmill thing is a red herring and has no effect on the problem.

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