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Comment Re:While you're on ebay... (Score 1) 266

Uhh.. I think you're putting way too much into this.

The wheels can spin as fast as they want and will not create a significant amount of drag on the airplane. This means the treadmill has (virtually) no effect.

Second, the engines produce thrust regardless of whether air is going across the wings. This will generate forward movement which WILL cause air to move across the wings and generate lift. But if the air is stable, the plane will go forward, not stand still.

The whole treadmill thing is a red herring and has no effect on the problem.

Comment Re:Does it really matter? (Score 1) 238

It really doesn't seem like portability should be a huge goal for writing code for top-100 supercomputers. The cost of the computer would dwarf (or at least be a significant portion of) the cost of developing the software for it. It seems like writing purpose-built software for this type of machine would be desirable.

If you can cut the cost of the computer in half by doubling the speed of the software, it seems a valid fiscal tradeoff, and the way to do that would be to write it for purpose-built hardware.

Comment Re: Good (Score 5, Informative) 134

You know this is a common misinterpretation, right?

Basically the rebellion knows that lawyers maintain order in society and in order to throw it into chaos they need to get rid of the lawyers.


"The first thing we do," said the character in Shakespeare's Henry VI, is "kill all the lawyers." Contrary to popular belief, the proposal was not designed to restore sanity to commercial life. Rather, it was intended to eliminate those who might stand in the way of a contemplated revolution -- thus underscoring the important role that lawyers can play in society.

Comment Here's the thing.. (Score 1) 240

bubbles exist when there's no real money involved. When it's all about making money in the future and throwing now money at it.

There is no "app bubble". People are paying real money for it, and there's no reason to believe they will stop. Perhaps the investments in companies that make them will pop, but there will never be less money being spent on apps than there is now.

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